Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cheer Competition 2008

Saturday was Jimi's cheer competition in California City. We woke early, ok I woke early, threw everyone sleeping in the van and made it really quick. (who says it's 1 1/2 hours, I made it in less than half that!) I got to see the sunrise, and since everyone else was asleep I took the picture out my window as I was driving, you get the point.
We arrived by 7am for the team check in, then it began. If you have NEVER been to a cheer competition then you have NO idea what your missing. I do remember them much differently from when I was younger. Back then it was fun, and the noise really didn't bother me. This year was truly my first year as a spectator ONLY! I have been in the athlete's position and the coaching position but Saturday I was just one of the crazy cheer mom's! These things last a long time, well 5 or so hours, but it feels like a life time. The crowd is constantly yelling and the girls are trying to get the crowd going and we are yelling and stomping, my head was killing me withing 15 minutes. I was fine through all the younger girls, but when Jimi's junior division started, I instantly got sick and started shaking. (me competitive?? no...) Jimi was really worried about Rim because they had tumblers that could do a back tuck, and they only had her cousin Harleigh that could do back handsprings, and Rim had a lot more girls so that enables them to do a lot more stunts. For those who don't understand, when you have the same bases for every stunt they get tired. I will admit I was worried about our girls even placing, the coach was new and although she did ask for my help it was really really hard to help without interfering. I did make sure they were stunting safely and taught them a twist up/ twist down, but I don't think they used it. (maybe they did) Anyways... they did great! They hit EVERY stunt solid and because they were nervous they really THREW their flyer which looks great. They even pulled off a scorpion, liberty and a heal stretch all in full extensions. I was impressed! They really came together when they needed it.
Now some funny parts, I have always told Jimi and the rest of the girls not only to make sure they smile, but to tell a story with their face. Play up to the judges and really ham it up! We were sitting right on the side of where they preformed, so we could see the back better than the front. Jimi was really playing it up, she looked so cute, but when she would turn away from the judges her face would relax and she had the most nervous look on, but the second she started turning around back to the judges, that cheesy cheer face came right back. I can't wait to see the video to see how funny it looked from the front! She does a great job, she really enjoys cheering. She's been doing it for quiet a few years and has accumulated a few trophy's and medals. She has won EVERY toe touch competition she has been in. (a toe touch is a jump) I have always taught her that her jumps come from your abs, so she works on that really hard, and I have to say... (don't let her EVER hear this) I don't think my toe touch was EVER that good! Ok, so your probably wondering how they did.... they got 2nd. She was really happy but a little bummed and tried to tell me it wasn't fair, but I told her it was. Rim looked better and sharper, and not just because they had the back tuck, or more girls, they just pulled it off just a little better. I was teasing her and said, "aren't you glad I taught you so much about cheering?" and then she floored me and said "I admit it mom, you did teach me everything I know." And she was serious! I almost cried, and it did make me want to coach her next year. The truth is, she is so good that I will run out of things to teach her really fast. Good job Jimi, we are proud of you. And I'm not sure why, it could be because I heard it SO many times but I think I Love Big Bear! The crazy parents cheered so much that they actually won the coveted spirit stick. I hope they know the responsibility that comes with it. I am glad we didn't get it, because if it touches the ground then we would all be cursed! (It's true, just watch Bring it On, or ask ANY ex cheerleader)
I'm glad it's all over, we need some down time.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I Hate Cats, Sami loves them.

Neither Jim or I like cats at all. AT ALL!!! But, all Sami wanted for her birthday back in June was a cat. Who's bright idea was it to get her 2? YUCK! Anyways... these cats LOVE Sami. They won't go outside very often (I think they know I want them eaten by a coyote) and they aren't lovable, they crunch loud and play all night. But, when Sami goes to bed they are there. No matter where she sleeps. They have done this when she slept in her bed, Jimi's bed, or on the couch. One night she came into bed with us and guess who TRIED to join her? NO CATS in my bed, or my room.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The New ?Improved? Dany

Well, sorry I didn't post it yesterday, but frankly, I wasn't sure I liked it. To be honest I'm still not sure. Jim likes it, the kids say they like it but who knows. This is actually pretty close to my natural color. I know, I know, you all wondered how a blond could be as smart as I am, but I wasn't really a blond. I then got low lights, which are like highlights, but darker than the color. In my case they are almost black. Then my hairs natural highlights came through with a little red and lighter brown. It is um... colorful? I got about 4 inches cut off, I couldn't tell that much except that it feels a lot lighter. People with short hair probably don't understand what I mean, but I have thick hair and I notice. Besides the 4 inches she did long layers, that's for weight so it is a little fuller. I think it's growing on me, and I'm hoping that once the shock wears off I will like it even more, it just wasn't one of those times I walked out LOVING it. Oh well, if I decide I can't stand it I'll just change it. (that's what dye is for)

I am glad it's back to my natural color, less upkeep. Jim says it makes me look mature. He assures me it's not the same as old. What do you think? Take the poll and let me know.

Monday, November 17, 2008

A much needed haircut

I don't really like getting my haircut, don't get me wrong, I LOVE the feeling of my hair after a new haircut but I do like my long hair and I'm always afraid they will get scissor crazy. Besides the fact it usually costs almost $200. The good news today is that I am getting a great deal so it won't be NEAR that much. The other reason I put it off so long is that it takes hours and hours and I usually don't have that kind of time. It has actually been 10 months since I have cut or colored my hair. I am defiantly ready for a change but I'm not telling how I'm doing it. I really don't like this picture, but Sami took it and it will do the job. If I would have been thinking, I would have put a poll up to see how everybody thought I should get my hair cut, I have been on the fence about it but I think I finally have it figured out... wait and see!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just the weekend.

We had a busy weekend and I thought I would try and fit it all into one quick post. My Internet seems to be working for the moment so it may actually work. So here goes...

Friday... Jim met me out at the horses when he got off of work, shortly after that the Reicwigs came out and we all went on a short ride, and let the kids ride in the arena. We had lots of fun, and I found out that Cori had horses when she was little so I guess I have a riding buddy when Jim is working. YEAH!!! We then had a barbecue and a campfire. The chicken was great and Danny didn't even make us sick. They brought chips and dip, fruit, carrots, cookies and chicken. Then we sat around the fire talking it up. We even got to witness Ryan and Jimi actually talking. Guess it's time for them to break up! He was very sweet and said "the smoke follows the beautiful," and pointed to Jimi where the smoke was blowing in her face. His parents better watch out, he's gonna be a charmer. We got home and Zach stayed the night so he could go to Mammoth with us for football. They stayed up way too late playing Wii, while we got a good nights sleep.

Saturday... Jim and I are awaken by ALL the kids eating! They ate cereal, apple sauce, pork and beans, honey, toast, and apples. I'm sure there was more, but they left NO evidence. We slowly got up and around and started getting ready to leave, Alex couldn't find his game pants. Mom to the rescue and found them, don't be frightened but I think we have a ghost. Alex had JUST looked in the same exact spot that I found them, I know creepy! The kids were all loaded in the car while I did one last sweep where I found Zach's game jersey, so like anybody, I stuffed it in the back of my shirt and went out and asked the boys "are you POSITIVE that you BOTH have everything for the game?" we even went down the checklist, and YES I even asked Zach. Finally I pulled the jersey out and asked "How are you gonna play without this?" I think he was glad I grabbed it. I drove the speed limit the WHOLE way! (it took for freakin ever!) The kids played Wii in the van. We got there and the kids played in the snow, not good snow, but the snow that they had cleared from the parking lot that's all dirty and hard. It was very warm when we first got there, but the second the sun went down it was FREEZING! And then they played their playoff game against Mojave...

Alex doesn't do well in the cold, not an excuse just a fact. The whole team looked like they were in slow motion. Mojave played DIRTY! They had probably 20 personal fouls called on them, 15 yards a piece and NEVER got anyone kicked out or D.Qed from the game. NOT FAIR. They were blocking in the back and chop blocking, not to mention ALL the face masks that they DIDN'T call. Our boys did great and right before half time Mojave scored but the extra point was no good. The third quarter was so so cold, and our boys were sick of getting clobbered from behind. Our quarterback got a knee injury, it all kinda went downhill from about there. Our fill in QB threw 2 interceptions and had a few fumbles. Alex almost had a great sac, but as we all know, almost doesn't count. The score ended up being 35 to 8. I think. They won second place in their division, which is great. We are very proud of Alex this year. He has really came into his body and showed us what he really can do. He stuck with it, stayed focused, and came in to a whole team of boys that have all played for years, and did a great job! He lead the team in tackles many games. He had a TON of sacs, he even caught a pass when it wasn't intended to go to him. Great job Alex, and the rest of the KV Broncos!

We got home (again doing the speed limit the WHOLE way). I dropped Jim and the kids, except Jimi and Zach off at home and met the rest of the Reicwigs in Mt. Mesa to give Zach back. On the way home Jimi and I followed this red truck that was ALL over the road and then off the road. We called the cops and reported him, while I was on the phone he went off the road and hit a reflector pole. I don't think the Sheriffs even went looking for him, because we all know what Sheriffs are good for... (that isn't nice, they are good for SOMETHING, I'm sure of it) so he probably killed someone on his way home. I just stayed back because I didn't want to be in the mess he was going to make. We return home at about 11:30 and off to bed. No more football, it makes me kinda sad, only for a few reasons...
1. I love watching the games

2. I liked having My Cori time

3. Alex was more focused

um, that's about it. I would make a list of reasons why I was glad it was over, but it would be way too long. Next weekend Jimi has her competition for cheer leading, in Cal City. It will be fun to watch, then I will be glad it's over. Jimi and Alex both made the basketball team, I think Alex only made it because it's the same coach as his football coach, and he was impressed with the improvement that he made over the football season. He hopes it will be the same with basketball, I don't know if I have the same hope. I'm going to the games to watch Cori yell at the refs. Maybe I'll learn something!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Where is Trona? And Why is Trona?

I didn't post these pictures yet. They were from the game in Trona. Does anyone know where Trona is? Or the better question is WHY Trona is? I hear that it does have a purpose, it has more minerals in the dirt than anywhere else. Where most have only 3 to 5, Trona has like 29 or something. It stinks so bad it was making Trever puke, although that's not hard to do. Episodes of "Star Trek" and some scenes from the remake of "Planet of the Apes" and parts of "Lost in Space" were filmed using the Trona Pinnacles as background. We had Trever's early game and passed them as the sun was rising, it really was beautiful. I had just asked Jim "why is Trona here?" and he said," look over there", then he told me about Trona. (he is so smart!) All I know is it was stinky and freaky and really nothing there. It rained the whole day, it was nice for the drive there and the second we stepped foot on the field it started. I don't mean a little rain, I mean poured! Trever and Alex thought it was the funnest game ever. But I swore if someone came out with a banjo, I was out of there!

Oh yeah, the games. Trever did awesome, he loved the mud. He made 3 touch downs, and had a few really good hits. They won by like A LOT! It was his last game and he was bummed. The freshman team wanted him to move up to their team for playoffs, but he is still small and I didn't want to risk getting him hurt. So mommy said NO! Then there was Alex's game, by that time the once dirt field was a pond. It was fun for the boys to play in, but Alex didn't play much. They were WAY ahead so he was on the sidelines most of the time. He did have a few good hits again, but really it was a long time ago and I don't really remember. (the reason I usually post a lot) After the game, the whole senior team used the field as a slip and slide through the mud. Too bad my battery on my camera was dead and I couldn't get that on tape. Their team made it to playoffs. (We have already had one game, that I'll have to post on later) Alex is doing great. He and Jimi have try outs for basketball today and will find out tomorrow, I am nervous for both of them because frankly I think they suck! Not to be mean, but basketball just isn't our families sport. They may surprise me though.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


sorry to type in... but we didn't all walk our horses down the trail. I rode my horse all the way to the meadow and then rode back to let the horse walkers know they would be safe, just keep walking your horses you'll be there soon, as I led Jimi's horse Abbi down the narrow trail to the meadow. They did good, there were some real narrow areas that the horses were slipping but they knew what they were doing, just stay centered and hang on. And going back for Dany's phone was fun also, kayak and i got to really move down the trail. But when i found the phone i had to hope like heck that kayak would ground tie (just lay the reins on the ground and tell the horses they are tied up.. so don't leave me here) and then climbed down the steep hill and get the ringing phone to the beat of womanizer by Brittany spears. I cant say much about Dany's riding she went from wanting a pony for Christmas to riding horses where ever i want to go ride. She will try anything once........or three or four times, just dare her to do it. Your a brave or stubborn lady Dany, but you always get in there and do it. We have always been good friends, my Dad was my best friend, and always will be. But you've stepped up and are letting me teach you the things that dad taught me. As the song says "If I had only one friend left I would want it to be you", I love you Dany and thanks for being my best friend and letting me do this blog thing.

Horseback Riding at Camp Owens

Since the kids had Monday and Tuesday off of school, Jim decided to take Monday off and go riding. Jimi and Trever were the only ones who wanted to go with us, but we had a great time. We had been wanting to pull the horses up past Kernville to the Camp Owens trail, it was a lot of fun, although... there was a part with a very narrow trail with a drop off on one side and a mountain side on the other. My horse was a sulky racer and doesn't realize that when she backs up there isn't a cart behind her to save her. Besides the fact that she is VERY new to being a saddle horse so she is still in training, and she is HUGE! She took off UP the side of the mountain, so Jim's horse Kayak followed, then Jimi's horse Abbi. It was a mess. We ended up walking them a little ways down the trail until it opened up to a big meadow, then up the mountain on some great WIDE trails. The way back down wasn't near as bad, I guess we got the jitters out.

After the narrow trail ordeal I grabbed my phone to take a picture, and it was gone. So my knight in shining armor, on his horse and all, went to my rescue. He back tracked until he found it. Luckily we had service and he had Sami, who was at home, keep calling it so he heard it. MY HERO!

It was a great day. The top of the mountain was freezing because of the wind, but as we went back down it wasn't so bad. We stopped and had lunch and Trever swore he saw a bear. I don't know if he did, but it was freaky out in the open like that. But don't worry, my knight would have slayed anything that tried to get me. Jim looks so sexy, or um, nice on his horse, with his chaps on, and his gun on his hip. YUMMY!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Just Cute Pictures

Nothing much to say about them, just cute pictures of the kids being silly. We went out to feed the horses and it gets dark so early, but they made the best of it. Sami, just give her my favorite hat and sunglasses (even at night) and she is SO cool!

Jimi couldn't be outdone by Sami, so she grabbed the hat and struck a pose. Don't ever get a camera out around Jimi! Trever didn't know what to think, he was just trying to pick up the tack and The picture says it all!

Friday, November 7, 2008


I Dany do not take any responsibility or liability for divorce, separation, couples therapy, emergency room visits, bodily injury, loss of limb, destruction of properly, arson of home, accidental poisoning, or death resulting from my last post titled "I Love You This Much". Please read and comment at your own risk, risks will vary. I Dany can not take responsibility either emotionally or financially as a result of my post. I take NO credit or accountability for Jims romantic and sweet side. I have done almost everything to make it go away, but am glad it isn't gone. Please be aware that this is a rare condition that my husband has and it is not contagious and can not be taught. Medical schools are currently doing studies on this but are finding that it is a rare genetic mutation found mostly in the lower south/northern part of the country of Alaska (heheh!). There are results that show that this condition can be brought on by sweetness and love for your spouse but results will vary and are not suspected in most. Blind results also showed the same finding with a placebo. Thank you and I hope you can enjoy my future posts.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Love You This Much!!!

I have said before how sweet and romantic Jim is. I won't embarrass him but I came home tonight to the sweetest picture covering a hole in our closet door, made from um... let's just say a hole. Things like that drive him nuts so he covered it and while he was at it he made it into a romantic reminder every time I open the closet. Instead of the hole that reminded me of... well lets just say temper tantrums. It's wonderful to have a husband that always remembers our anniversary, my birthday, our first kiss, and just about everything... even when I don't. He brings me my favorite chocolates for no reason sometimes with a sweet card that I KNOW he spent hours searching for. He calls me just to say Hi, or because he hears a song that makes him think of me, or just because. He thinks of romantic dates, I showed up to Ewing's a few months ago and was taken to a table with a beautiful vase of flowers and a card. After dinner we walked by the river. I love the differences we have, he jokes that my idea of a romantic date is a thrasher movie and then to bed. The funniest part is, he's right. I love you Jim, thanks for being so loving, and thanks for being so patient with me, just thanks for being YOU!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Highlight Film

This is what I have been filming for all season. This is just a very short idea, I have a TON of work to do transferring video onto the computer then a TON of editing, clipping and adding effects. I love doing it once it's all on the computer, but I do get addicted to it and could spend hours and days and days before I realize it. I am excited though. Trever is done for the season, Alex is still in it, and Jimi will have competition on the 22nd. I can almost see the finish line. (Of the season, not my dreams of being a film editor.)