Thursday, September 23, 2010

The canyon fire didn't stay in the canyon long. It moved quickly towards our house. They had evacuations a mile away from us, we packed a few irreplaceable things, just in case. Luckily they had several hundred firefighters on the fire to keep all but one structure safe. I think they said they had like 11 helicopters on it and they would fly over our house after filling with water from the lake, dripping over our house the whole time. The smoke and ash was pretty bad for the week and they ended up having to cancel football practice one night because of it. I wish I had a better camera because at night from our deck you could see the entire mountainside lit up with embers. On Tuesday when the fire hit the ridge you could see 200 foot flames break the ridge. Scary but neat. Glad it's out and over.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First day of school 2010

This year brings us lots of changes. The move meant a new bigger school for all the kids. Alex started high school this year. He's playing football and had 5am practices for weeks before school started. Then when school started he also started early morning seminary. He starts his day about 5:30, and by the time he gets home from his football practice and the other kids practice it's about 8:30. Dinner, homework, and bed. So far he's doing a great job and making great choices and keeping his grades up. Football is going amazing for him, but that's a whole other entry.

Jimi started 8th grade this year. Her old school and new school have always been rivals. Besides the fact she is beautiful and all the boys LOVE her, means most the girls don't. She had a rough start but it's gotten much better for her. She is anti-drama, and is doing really well at it considering she is a 13 year old boy crazy girl. Her grades are great like always and she has made some great friends. The worst part is her middle school is right next door to the high school and for some reason the high school boys LOVE her now too. Daddy and I HATE it!

Sami Jean started her year off with a new hair cut. It is really cute. She is in 6th grade and her best friend Tayah already went to this school and she had a lot of friends that already went to this school so she is having an easy time. Her grades are good and she is just checking out all the boys and letting them check her out. No boyfriend for her. Daddy and I LOVE that!!

Trever has had anxiety over the new school for a year now. (imagine that) He knew a lot of boys because of football and he really had a smooth transition socially. He is struggling pretty bad with the work they do. They taught it differently at the last school so he is a bit behind and trying to catch up. Luckily Jimi is using it as her Personal Progress (church goal book) to tutor him. She does a great job and he really lets her help him. He's in 4th grade and it's a hard year for kids in school because up until now they have gone to school to learn to read, now they change and are reading to learn.

We absolutely LOVE living in town. I love taking the kids to school and picking them up. I love running to the store and being home in 20 minutes, I love being able to come home in the middle of practice to start dinner and just run back to pick everyone up. I LOVE how much gas we have saved. I really love everything about it so far.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm still around

Busy busy summer and a broken computer cord, everything packed and a Vegas trip. All great reasons for not blogging. Hopefully today I will get back to work on it. Yes, today while I have a sick kid home, a fire that we are possibly going to have to evacuate over, a football article I have to write for the paper and getting my house back after a long weekend, oh and taking care of a sweet husband with a broken back. Yep, I'll blog later FO SHOW!!!! (my kids would say I was so uncool right now, I would say "I know!")