Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Opening Day!

Opening day for football was in big old Boron! What a place, we were driving around before the game because we got there early (it does not take 1 1/2 hours to get there) and Jimi, Sami and I all said it looks JUST like the town from the movie Cars. It even has a HUGE Tonka looking truck parked in the middle of town. Then we were driving around and something was said about the police in that town and the kids all said, "mom, towns this small don't have cops!" duh stupid mom. And I said "in towns like this EVERYONE is a cop" hahah.... sure enough we drive down the next street and drive by the Sheriff station and there are at least 100 cops. (I'm sure a lot were the volunteers) They had cars, and quads and funny helmets, and radios. I just sat back and smiled because I swear my kids really believed at that moment that I REALLY did know EVERYTHING! So, your wondering why all the cops? We were too, but our question was answered a short time later when we say them ALL at the Opening Day games. I guess football and cheer parents are the most dangerous kind. (I absolutely believe that!) Opening day for the cheerleaders is a JOKE! They learn this stupid dance for weeks and when they actually preform it, NOBODY can even see them, so they are just sitting in the HOT sun all day for NO reason, I think I won't let Jimi do it next year. She did great though, but she always does. Darn overachiever. Trever had GREAT games, they play 4 games that are each about 20 minutes long, and they don't keep score. Trever is the running back and back up quarterback. So he runs the ball... he breaks tackles like crazy and the funniest part of the day was when Trever broke about 6 tackles ran down the field, was ALMOST in the end zone and a kid from the other team came running in from the side line and tackled him. I have video and everyone says, "where did that kid come from?" Trever has some speed so he had pulled away from the pack and it was all open road, or so he thought. It was funny. It probably wouldn't have been if he would have gotten hurt, or if it were a real game, but it's quiet funny. He hurt 2 kids. As a mom this is a hard situation, when your kid hits another and gets up and keeps hitting, but the other kid is still lying on the field, part of you feels bad, it does. But the other part is filming and cheering inside, thinking... how much does he get paid for that hit? (bad bad mom) He had one great sack, he hit the quarterback so hard he flew into the running back, they both laid there for a minute and when they got up the quarterback was shaking his head, needless to say, he watched for Trever for the rest of the game. The ref told Trever he couldn't hit from the back and I guess that's where it is a good idea for security because both Jim and I were upset, because it was a COMPLETELY legal it, he sacked the quarterback, you can hit him in the back if you want. Trever was nervous to hit after that so Jim let the ref know that he didn't know what he was talking about and to not teach HIS kid the WRONG way to play football. It came out something like "Don't screw up my kid when he can hit like that!" It was fun. One of his cousins, Hannah is playing too, they even had a Hurley sandwich. She is doing good, we're proud of her. I am trying to get her to flip her hair or check her nails after she knocks down the boys, but she won't do it. It's still early in the season though.


We don't know what exactly has happened to our Alex. When he wanted to play baseball we said o.k. never did we imagine he would be hitting them out of the park and make all stars his first year, but football, come on. He hasn't played for 3 years and wanted to play this year. He is on the senior team, which are really BIG boys. Alex has discovered what his body can do, and how to do it. HE IS AMAZING! It is so fun to watch him. He can HIT, and make kids fly, he isn't the fastest but he can get around almost ANYONE! He can catch. He can just about do it all. He is so excited out there he can't hold still, he is focused and energized and doing great! He starts on offense and defense, he had an INCREDIBLE sack in one of the scrimmages. Tons of great hits. It is Alex's time to shine. He is putting a lot of heart into football this year and it is great to see. He is really enjoying it. It's hard for me because he is now taller than me, and 6 pack abs and big old biceps. It's hard to discipline a kid that's bigger than you. Spanking probably wouldn't work anymore. We are hoping that football will be the incentive he needs to keep his grades up. So far so good. I have no still pictures of Alex or Jimi, I do have video, but they were so far away I couldn't get any shots of them. Next time, I promise!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Finally... Trever's Baptism Aug 2nd 2008

I know, I know, it's been long enough. My life has been crazy, but I am finally ready to post about Trev's baptism. We have been looking forward to this for a long time. When Alex was 6 or 7 Jim and I weren't active in the church, but something started bothering Jim. It was really important for him to be the one to baptize all of his kids. So we started going back to church and he promised himself, me and all the kids that he would be a worthy Priesthood holder that would baptize and confirm them all. Well... He did it, and I couldn't be prouder of all my kids and my wonderful husband that took that promise very seriously.

Ok, so about a week before Trever's baptism we were swimming, and were playing and told him to practice so he wouldn't drown. So I grab him like I was going to baptize him and dunk away... he comes out of the water choking and gagging and I put him on the edge of the pool and he PUKES!! This scared us because we worried that we scared the demons in him with the fake baptism, what was going to happen when the real thing happened? Would the water turn black and start to boil? Would Trev's head spin and eyes turn red? Anyone who knows Trever knows that he is sometimes the spawn of Satan, we just don't always know if it's from my side of the family or Jim's. (sometimes it's both) Then, while swimming, he learned to do the "dead man's float". You know when they pretend to have drowned and float face down it the water? He swore he was going to do this, and I wouldn't have put it past him at all. He is just so ornery and such a jokester I could see him doing it. But everything went off without a hitch, no boiling black water, no dead man's float, no fatalities at all. He shared his special day with Angelina Sanchez whom is a good friend of our families, she's a girl so of course not a friend of Trever's, besides she is like 3 days older than him and that just makes him mad! Jimi spoke on Baptism, and Breanna Walker (Angelina's cousin) spoke on the Holy Ghost. All the cousins and primary kids sang. Jim baptized both of them, and then confirmed them both. It was a great day! Trever was a different boy for a few days, he was really trying to be good and sweet to his brother and sisters but do you know how hard that gets after a few days?

Trever, we are so proud of you for making this choice to be baptized. I hope your testimony can grow and you will continue with the desire to go on your mission and stay close to the gospel. We love you so much!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Back To School!

Ok, to be honest I have been counting the hours until school started since last week. Today was the day. Jim and I got up and went for a walk and woke the kids when we got home. They moved the bus time later this year so they don't have to be at the bus stop until 7:30. Alex was excited but nervous and he hates school so we will see how it goes. Jimi is starting Middle School this year and it's sad, my kids are getting so big. Sami is the "King" of the elementary school, she is in 4th grade and they moved the 5th graders to the middle school this year too. She loves school so she was excited. Trever was nervous, he was stressing about what bus to get on to come home on, even though he's done it for years and the teachers help the kids. He has NEVER gone home on the wrong bus yet! So they left, I did a happy dance, made a few beds, then sat down to watch Big Brother which is DVR'd. Click... Click.... Click.... TV is OUT! BROKE!! BUSTED!! D-O-N-E!! It has been acting up for quiet a few months, but it is OVER! Now, I knew it was coming and I have said, oh well when it goes out NO more TV. But it is REALLY quiet today. No fighting or screaming, all I hear are the voices in my head (nobody panic, they're normal ones!) So maybe my house will be REALLY clean today, or when the kids get home I will sit down and make them entertain me. Now only if the remote controlled them.... hmmm. I guess I have the next 8 hours to think ab0ut that.