Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Dreaded Day has arrived

I knew it would one day come to an end, but it was something I wasn't prepared for and really as I look back, there was NO way to really prepare for this. Sonic no longer has Mango lime slushes. Please let me know if you know where I would go to detox from this.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

What do I do now?

Jim and Trever left on Friday to go deer hunting, and I am really lost without them. The first night I woke up and rolled over to snuggle and he wasn't there. I cried. The games just weren't the same without having Jim explain the penalties to me. And I can't tell you how many times I have counted and re-counted my kids because without Trever it doesn't add up. It's just WEIRD! I know the boys are having a great time, and I really hope they get something, but I will be happy to have them come home. Only 6 more days to go!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Thank You Cori

Thanks to my great friend Cori I have pictures of my kids at the games. She has a great camera that she brings everywhere and took pictures for me and even let me give it a try. I didn't have it on the sport setting, but the pictures are still great! I am hoping to get one of these camera for Christmas. (hint hint Jim, Canon Rebel XT) Off to Boron this weekend. Oh yeah, and Alex isn't Full back, he's tail back. I guess there's a difference.

I think this was one of Alex's sacks.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Alex's new secured position

Alex played his first game in Mojave for the season. He looked great but the team had a few set backs. On the good front... Alex has secured the full back position, was given the ball a few times so that he could power through the line and gain a few yards every time. He proved he wasn't afraid to be tackled or to make a hit, and we won't mention who's place he took on the team, but maybe Alex is the man for the job... as long as he doesn't fumble. Alex's sacks were amazing and he did block the kick, they didn't mention it was with his face. I guess it doesn't matter what he blocked it with, it didn't go in. This is what the paper said.

The Senior Broncs lost 6-0 to the Mojave Mustangs in a hard fought defensive struggle.Tristen Henandez led the Broncs with 14 carries for 43 yards and nine tackles. Alex Hurley had two sacks and blocked a PAT attempt.Quinn Bohn posted six tackles on defense, while David Powell, Chris Aigner and Cody Jarrett each added five tackles.

Nothing in the paper about Trever. His team did great. He played defense the entire game and did a great job. I'm not so impressed by our offense yet, but I am very impressed with the boys defense, maybe the team will come around.

Hopefully pictures next time. I forgot my camera... I know!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Family Pictures

On Labor day my good friend Marcie came out to take our family pictures. I don't know if she realized what she had gotten herself into, but when she saw all 36 of us in white shirts, hay, and saddles I can't imagine what went through her mind. She did an incredible job and we all have a copy of over 300 pictures to choose from.

This is the whole pack! All 36 of us.

Tommie and all of her grandkids. All 22 of them.


The Hurley boys! (I LOVE Jim in this picture, YUMMY)

Jimi holding baby Preslie. I can't get over how grown up and just how beautiful my baby girl is, it seems like yesterday when she was as tiny as baby Preslie.

The original Hurley kids.

Hannah and Maddie.

Like it wasn't enough for her to do that, I asked her (before hand) if she would take just Jim and my family because we had NEVER had them done before. I am so excited because there are so many that I love! Thanks Marci, and Jocelyn for doing such and incredible job...

This is how we normally are! (unfortunately Jimi wasn't harmed in this photo)

One of my favorite family pictures.

My boys

Me and my girls. We do this same pose on every roller coaster picture every time we go. I swear if we are all together and someone out of the blue says say cheese, us three will do this!

My darling girls... so dang big!

This is one of the cutest pictures ever, Timmy and Jake... Jake is so adorable!

Sami, sharing chips with Jake.

Kenny got his truck stuck in the mud, but not bad. I think the kids loved having their very own "hay ride" out of the barn set.

I keep thinking, OK. this one is my favorite... but there are so many that look SO good that I don't think I have one favorite. I don't normally like pictures of myself and I'm not photogenic at all, and although I can tear myself apart in any picture, I love so many of these. I love how we are spread out a little, and you can see personality in each one of us. Alex didn't enjoy the cowboy thing, but he looks handsome, and I think he knows it. I can't believe how big he has gotten, he's not my little boy anymore.

Love this one too... look at Trever, he is so cute! You would never know this is an old slaughter house. We told the kids it was haunted by dead cows. At one point Sami looked through a small hole from the little room to the big room and said mmmooooo! It scared Jimi, and Trever to death. We had a great laugh. We had a so much fun and laughed so hard we will have the memories of the day we took our pictures!

Jim's poor back. He had just had shots in his back a few days earlier, then I go jump on him.

This is my favorite of just Jim and I

Trever had no idea he was getting his picture taken. He had to pack this saddle back and forth quiet a few times and it was pretty heavy for him, so he was struggling.

This picture was Jim's idea and I love it!

Me and my girls!

At the very end of the day the sun was starting to set and Marcie and Jocelynn wanted to try a silhouette shot into the sun, they all turned out great. You would never know we were in six inches of mud.

We made the Bushlings part of the Hurley family and they came to dinner last night, I don't think we scared them off, I do think it's weird that the cousins are going to fight over honorary Hurley members... watch out Zach!