Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What am I doing?

I feel like I'm constantly busy. But nothing is ever done. Maybe it's because I'm constantly walking behind my kids picking up things or better yet screaming at them to do something. We have gone swimming at my brother in laws awesomely huge saltwater pool a few times, and I must say my tan is looking pretty good so far, but nothing really great. Yesterday I deep cleaned the house. When I was trying to get the kids to help they kept saying "why do we have to clean when we're moving?" I wanted to scream even more. I have decided that I'm not giving them a chance to screw up once we're in the new house. I have told all of them that if they can't pick up after themselves here then they won't do it at the new house. I'm sticking to this. If they don't quit treating THIS house like a dump then when we move all they will get is a mattress and a blanket and 2 sets of cloths. They will have to earn everything else. I think they don't believe I will do it. One reason to write it down, now I have to hold myself to it. My kids are just too spoiled. Oh, and why can't laundry stop during the summer? I still hate laundry! Besides it makes my house even hotter running the dryer. I can't wait to move!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Finally we are pretty sure we are moving into town. We, yes even the kids, are incredibly excited. We won't be moving in until at least July 15th, but I think it will be more like August 1st. The landlords are really great people and live in the house right now but just built a smaller house next door for just the two of them. They are just very happy because they want the house to be lived in, by a big family so it doesn't just sit and rot away. There are a lot of things that need to be done before we move in and I need to go through 6 years of junk, and she needs to go through much more. I'm up sizing while she's downsizing. Before we move in they want to paint the outside of the house, cut down some dead trees and basically just clean up around the property, oh and build us a spot in the garage to store shed type stuff. Dirt bikes, Christmas decorations you know that stuff. They need to replace a set of french doors in the master bedroom. We need to paint most of the house. We don't agree with the landlords on colors but they said it's all up to us, which is nice. It's 5 bedrooms, downstairs has a HUGE bathroom, 2 bedrooms for Alex and Jimi and has a small TV/game room. Great for sleepovers, as long as one will sleep upstairs. 2 1/2 bathrooms, huge laundry room, huge pantry, huge kitchen, huge dining room. It's awesome. Oh and it's on a well so I get to have grass. Lot's of grass and a great back yard for the dogs, they LOVE dogs. The landlords travel 4-5 months out of the year too. Oh and we will keep the horses up there with us. Only 2 miles to the school and town to save us at least $500 in gas a month. Plus it's literally HALF of what we pay here.

Just a few not so great pictures that Terry took on his cell phone, before it's painted, I'll keep posting as it becomes OURS!

This is from the front of the house. By that big palm tree and up on the brick wall will be my green green grass.

This is just a different angle from the front but you see the dead trees that will be gone.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Alex's 8th grade graduation

Graduation time. It was a nice ceremony. Alex looked so old. I didn't really get emotional but I did make sure he knew how proud we were, mainly because he raised his grade 4 letter grades in 2 weeks. Just goes to show he can do it. And... he was only .05 away from silver honor roll. He's never gotten honor roll before. Jimi got Platinum and has a 4.15 gpa. Sami got silver honor roll and Trever got most improved in reading. But homework for the last quarter was down for him drastically. Spring fever I guess. Alex starts summer school at the high school Monday. A lot of kids here do it. He is getting some math out of the way so he can be ready. He also has to log 24 workouts in the school gym to be eligible for football. Then 2 a day's, I can't wait to move into

Alex's graduating class of South Fork Middle School. All 26 of them.

Alex getting his diploma!

Bobbi McKim. She is on my softball team. A really talented girl. Sweet heart, I just love her.

Jimi with her BEST friend Destiny Peaker.

Jimi, Destiny and Heather, ready for the dance.

My big old Alex all fancied up.

Ty and Alex, two pretty handsome boys

Alex's graduating friends. Tawnia, Cody, Alex, Vanessa, and Jenna

All 27 graduates

Destiny and Jimi, they COULD NOT stop talking during the graduation

I told them I wanted a brother, sister picture. They thought this was how it should be.

This is more like it! Fake like they like each other!

Alex and Cierra

Alex and Jimi's friend Heather

Vanessa (the valedictorian) and Alex

Alex, Destiny, Cody, and Jimi

Alex, Desiree, and Ty

Their class sweatshirts. They have all their signatures in the 10.