Monday, August 27, 2007

We had a fun filled weekend. Trever and Jimi had a game in Apple Valley, it's about 2 1/2 hours away so we had to leave early. Trever did GREAT!! He was the only kid on his team who would block which was bad because he didn't get to run the ball. He was half the size of the other boys on the other team and since the other boys weren't blocking we were glad he wasn't running the ball because he would have been killed.

Jimi always does GREAT!!! She is one of the best on her team, there are about 3 of them that we can always count on. She is a natural, and she seems to think next year she is going to play football, hmmmm! She did an almost perfect toe touch and may have broke her foot, it had a nasty bone sticking out the side, swelled and bruised, but she seems fine this morning, Sami couldn't let her steal the show, if Jimi ices her foot, Sami was going to ice her eye that she hit on a chair about 8 hours earlier.....

We came home Saturday night and the boys went to watch game film so the girls and I watched a movie (Opal Dreams) and did facials, stayed up way too late, but had a great time.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

And the new year begins....

Well, Alex came home from school happy because he has Chad (a good boy from church) in his class and they decided they could do their homework together on the bus. I'm thinking... maybe this is good cause then it's done and he isn't getting into trouble on the bus, or.... he isn't learning anything just riding along Chad.

Jimi was excited because she was told by her teacher how GREAT she is and a perfect leader and so on and on and on, and we get to keep hearing all about it, we don't have many worries about her, she is a little social but her competitiveness will keep her grades sky high, because nobody can get better grades than her.

Sami, had a fight with her best friend the first day, but it was fixed by the next day (they always are) she was excited because an old friend that had moved away had moved back. She misses her teacher from last year but goes and visits her often, Sami is always good for a sweet smile and a hug, that's what she's known for at that school.

And Trever.... hmmmm!! He is happy because he got chosen for the calender kid the first week (that's a BIG deal) He has lots of friends in his class and loves his teacher, this is the second year he has had her. We love Ms. Olive!!! The poor boy is so tired though, he comes home from school and has only about an hour before he has to be dressed and ready for practice, yesterday he fell asleep on my bed before practice and then again in the car on the way there. We don't get home until at least 9pm, then eat dinner and 6:30am comes really fast. So far I haven't had problems getting them up but I know that will come in time. We have even had a few extra minutes in the morning for a little scripture study and a good family prayer to start our day off right.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Day of School

Monday was the first day of school and wow did I get a lot done. It was great to get back to the groove of things and get my house back in order, it's been awhile. Alex is in 6th grade, middle school. Jimi is in 5th grade, the head of the elementary school, Sami is in 3rd and Trever is in 1st. They all seemed to like it, the boys less than the girls, I think it's a social thing for the girls.

Football and Cheerleading

Well it's football season again, and we are busy busy busy.... This is Trever's first year and he is tearing it up. He takes on the biggest guys and takes them down. He plays running back on offense, and safety on defense and he definitely has the Hurley football gene. We had opening day in Mammoth on Saturday and it was a long day but he hung in there and did awesome!

Jimi is a natural at cheerleading, she does everything right and is a natural leader. I am her assistant coach (like I don't have enough to do) but I enjoy spending the time with her, and of course I LOVE cheering!!

Alex and Sami decided not to do it this year, Alex is going to go out for the basketball team at school and Sami just doesn't like to sweat!

We will be in Apple Valley for Trever's first REAL game on Saturday, I know he will do great!!

Jim, Dany and our Clan!!!!!!

Well, I finally decided to take the plunge and create my own blog. Right now I am a lurker at a few of my friends, but I thought that this would be a good way to keep my family up to date with the happenings of our wonderful life out here in California. So I will start with a few pictures of our family and my pride and joy, my kids!!! Check out our profile to find out more about us and our happy life.....