Monday, January 21, 2008

Virginia HERE WE COME!!!!

Ok, so tomorrow morning we finally leave on our much awaited trip to Virginia. We are stressed, Jim packs like a mad man and will be ready for ANYTHING! I haven't finished packing yet because really, he used up all the room and I had to ask around for a bigger suit case. We are nervous about the flight, it's about 5 or 6 hours and neither one of us like the idea of being airborne for that long, but I am bringing my laptop, and they show movies and we both have our MP3's loaded up with some good tunes so I know we will be fine. Today is just finishing things up, cleaning the house, (Jim really helped with the kids rooms yesterday which is the hardest for me, and I hate doing it) I'm on the last load of laundry, the kids are packed, I need to do last minute cleaning on the rest of the house, packing, nails, and spending some quality time with the kids before we go. They are going to miss us, and between you and I, I'm going to really miss them too. We have some neat things planned, besides the wedding of course, which I am looking forward to, my dress is beautiful and Carrie's dress is way more beautiful than mine!! We are going to do a lot of site seeing, Arlington cemetery and a lot of the National monuments and museums. And even the Washington D.C. Temple which looks beautiful! Carrie is going to take us into D.C. at night, she says there is nothing like it and you have to see it at night. I will post pictures when I get back.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

My daddy's truck "AFTER PICS"

Well, here it is. It was dumped, well thrown violently, on it's side. The trailer is going to be fine but the truck is going to probably be totalled. Dad is sore but otherwise doing ok. I think my mom is more shook up. I have my moments, it's hard to wake up one day and think it is going to be like every other day and by the end NOTHING will ever be the same. We have had this brought home to us a few times over the last year, first with my father in law Ken, then with Jimi and now with my daddy. Things could have been so much worse and it is hard to be so far away from them and not to actually wrap my arms around him and tell him I LOVE him and see for myself that he is ok. I know my family better KNOW that I really really love them.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

This is the Thank You video that Kenny made for Jimi,

it came across really grainy but it is a very touching video.

We passed out actual DVDs to some of the Dr's and Nurses

at UCLA. We hope they enjoyed them!!

New Years Resolutions!

My new years resolution is to update my blog A LOT more than I have been!! Christmas was great, new years was great, but I'm glad it's over. So far this year isn't going so well, my nephew Bo got shot in the eye with an air soft bee bee and is in a lot of pain, from what I last heard it looks like he will regain site and be fine, but for now he is bandaged and not able to move around a whole lot. The weird thing is that he and his friends ALWAYS wear goggles, it was at night and he took them off just for a second to wipe the fog out, what are the chances. Then my dad was in a truck accident, he was in Wyoming and the wind was blowing about 75mph and picked up his trailer and truck and blew it across the other lane and landed on it's side. Luckily he is fine, he is so stubborn he wouldn't get checked but I am assured that he is ok! It's definitely not a call you want to get in the middle of the night though. A friend of ours daughter was in a dirt bike accident and broke her arm, chipped her other wrist and knocked her out, poor girl. But my theory is that we are going to get it all over with in January and the rest of the year will be better.

We spent the weekend in LA. Tabi and Tim and their girls were sealed in the Temple and it was a great day! We went to UCLA to visit the Dr's and nurses that helped Jimi, it was amazing. We had quiet a few in tears. Kenny made an amazing thank you video that we passed out and we ended up staying an extra day so that Jimi could see one of her very favorite nurses, Jenny. We are still very thankful for all they did for her while she was there. On our way home we stopped at a Veterans cemetery and showed the kids some of the memorials, it was neat. It got Jim and I ready to visit Arlington at the end of the month. We are going to Virginia to my best friends Carrie's wedding and are so excited. We are planning some site seeing and going to the DC Temple. And I am so excited to see Carrie and her soon to be husband and her family and the wedding is going to be amazing and I am so honored to be IN it. We have talked about it since we were in 6th grade and it blows us away that after all this time we are still close enough friends that I am going to be her bridesmaid.

Everything else is going great, kids are back to school. Report cards come out today, so we'll see if things are still great tomorrow. My other friend Karrie called me this morning giving me a hard time about updating my blog, so she lit a fire under my butt, so everyone thank her ''THANK YOU KARRIE BUNTING!!" enjoy