Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2nd Annual Chic Trip 2010

Once again this trip was just amazing! I LOVE Kern River Tours, Marci, Kenny, and our awesomely good at what they do river guides who made us all very safe which helped us have a great time.
the rock jump. I did this at least 10 times last year and probably the same this year. It was scarier last time because it was a higher jump because the river was lower.

The fact that I didn't fall out of the raft again this year, actually nobody in OUR raft did!

Lunch! Yummy sandwiches, for some reason they are the best ever.

Laughing and giggling the whole trip.

The super cute shirts Marci and Tabi made, I loved them.

The fact that because this was 2nd annual means hopefully that we will have a 3rd annual.

Low lights:

Because the river was higher some of the rapids weren't quiet as intense, that's normally a good thing but the adrenalin junkie I am I missed that!

How sore I was the next day! I'm out of shape!

That it was over until next year, that makes me sad.
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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Fun, add MUCH sarcasm to that!

Ok, worth blogging.
Sami has a female goose. She lays LOTS of eggs. Hot summer + lots of eggs that don't get taken out regularly = ROTTEN EGGS! Now lets add Sami, Trever and 3 girl cousins to the mix. I had NO IDEA they had one in the house. The egg was hot, Trever put it under cold water, it exploded! Needless to say my house REEKS! Making me puke. Febreze helped tremendously but it still REEKS!

Trever is far from being my favorite today!