Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Virus makes me SICK!!!

It's been so so so long because my computer got a virus, a bad bad bad one. It took out my hard drive and I lost almost everything, well everything that I didn't have backed up. I think I am back up and running, but it will be awhile until I realize all that I have lost. So, remember to update your anti-virus, and scan your drive! I will update tomorrow, I don't know that I'll have pictures, and I still have to download drivers for my bluetooth.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Daddy said to keep your eye on the ball!

Sami did, I'm at lunch with Cori on Friday when my cell rings.

Karen: "Hi Dany this is Karen from Southfork" now usually she continues saying, everyone is fine. This time she said "um everyone is... OK."

Me: "which one is it this time?"

Karen:" Sami decided to catch a softball with her eye, it's pretty bad and swelling quiet a bit. It's DEFINITELY gonna leave a mark, but I think she's ok. Well at least she quit crying. Here I'll let you talk to her"

Me:" hey Sami, since you just got put on a softball team, I think it's important for you to know that's what the glove is for. You catch with the glove NOT your eye!"

Sami: "uh huh"
She was ok. But here is the after math, we are taking daily pictures because we all have bets on all the pretty colors it will turn and how long it will take to go away. I think it will be about 3 weeks before it's completely gone. Poor baby!
This is Friday evening after school and lots of icing.

This is Sami Saturday morning, when it actually swelled shut. As you can see it looked bad later that day too.

Sunday morning. She was so funny and wore my big sunglasses almost everywhere.

And this morning before she left for school. She didn't like the time change so she was late. (as usual) Karen called and was worried when she didn't see Sami. She was checking up to make sure she was OK. That is the nice thing about the kids going to a small school. They were all amazing and caring when Jimi was sick, but even a good shiner gets a check up call on Monday morning.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Whiskey Flats

When we first moved up here we really tried to go to all the big events they have in the valley. Fishing derby, Rod Run, Christmas Parade, and Whiskey Flats. We have stopped going to most of it, but we do enjoy going up to Whiskey Flats for one of the days. They have booths, a parade, and a rodeo people run for Whiskey Flats mayor for charity, we can buy bribes to help them win, then they have shoot outs and dinners, it's a big deal for about a month before. This year we figured it out, usually you can't find a place to park or a good place to watch the parade, so this time we went to Pizza Barn and ate pizza on the deck while we watched the parade. Then when it was over we go park at the Verizon C.O. and the perks of that is we have a nice CLEAN indoor bathroom whenever we want. They have some neat booths and Carmel apples. I love Carmel apples! The weather was really nice so that meant a lot of people, I start panicking around huge groups like that, I'm constantly searching for my kids and people are breathing MY air, and it was hard this year because Alex was seeing all of his friends and wanting to go walk around with them. Jim kept saying sure and I would panic more. When I think about it now I know it wasn't a big deal, he had his phone, and the area it's in is really really small, I could have whistled and he would have known to come find me. So, I guess that's what Xanax is for. Thank goodness for Xanax. Not many pictures but here are the few we did take.

Trever is so funny! I think Sami was thinking about how she could REALLY do this to him when we got home. After about 20 tries of Sami trying to get a picture, this was the best one we could get.

Jimi and Alex got into it too. The top hole was so high that Jimi was standing on Alex's shoulders.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Fear I WON'T get over!

I don't know if Jim attracts spiders or if I just don't notice they are around or maybe I even pass out and don't recollect the experience. Anyways, when he see's a good one he knows I'll appreciate it so he gets a picture. He said this was the BIGGEST black widow he had ever seen. He finds them a lot in the peds and always tries to sweep them out before he sticks his hands in there. But he has had so much fun with this picture, he pulls it up on his phone and sets it on me, and I'm not stupid I know it's just a picture but it makes my skin crawl. EEEWWHHHH!!! So far he has only came across one snake (his biggest fear) and that was in Colorado. He said he had 2 of his 7foot poles tied together trying to get it out. He finally just left it, didn't even close it up. He came back later and the snake was gone.

I guess this would be a good time to give a public thank you to Jimi who always kills the spiders in the house if Jim's not home. I don't know what I would do without her. We usually only find them in the bathroom and since we only have one bathroom I know that I only have to hold it until she gets home from school and kills it for me so it's all clear to go in. (after I put the picture up I am freaking out, I can't even look at it.)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sure Bo, Trever can be a bouncer at your party... be careful what you ask for.

Since my computer was gone for so long I had forgotten a few event's that had happened until I saw the pictures. Bo and Coleton had this big party at their house. This is the second they had and last time they had Jim and Terry as bouncers. So they asked Jim to do it again and he planned to do it, until he got stuck at work and couldn't go. He felt horrible, so Trever kept saying he would go do it. So when Jim got home Trever was all dressed in his suit ready to go bounce some kids out of the party. Jim thought he needed just a little more of an edge....

Need I say more? Yes that's a horse bit in his mouth, Yes he is on a dolly cart, Yes he is tied up, and Yes his head is strapped down. He played this up so much, he was growling and acting like he was going to bite. Bo wheeled him onto the dance floor and his friends were freaking out. (well the ones that don't know the Hurley's) Bo gave a warning to the party that they were going to let him loose and beware because he does bite. One girl actually believed him and felt bad for the poor little boy. (high school girls, what can I say?) Trever just thought it was great that he got to go to a high school party, even if it was only for 15 minutes.
we have our own psychological damage to deal with

Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Flags, More Fun!

The guy from the Magic Mountain commercials was just dancing away to the music they play, he was so funny! The kids loved him.
Our Christmas present from my parents was season passes for Magic Mountain. We went in January and that was the kids first time there. We went again last weekend but this time Sami didn't go, she stayed with her friend Tayah, but she wasn't sad because after the last time, she decided she really doesn't like the coasters as much as the rest of us. I am a self proclaimed adrenaline junkie so roller coasters are so much fun, nothing like thinking your going t die, getting off alive and then jumping onto the next one. Part of the reason Sami doesn't like it much is because for her first coaster we threw her on the Goliath. I had forgotten that one is pretty scary.
This is Sami and Trever as they got on the Goliath, thier first roller coaster ride, well at Magic Mountain at least.
And as you can see this is probably the reason it was Sami's last. She's the one hiding her head, like that's gonna save her! Trever LOVED it, he rode them all!
And I bet you can't guess which one is Porky Pig and which one is me.
We thought Batman was a statue and Trever said he was going to kick Batman's butt, when he walked over to him and almost kicked him in the shin... Batman came alive! I wonder how that guy wasn't just laughing hysterically when Trever turned and ran.
And nobody laugh, it's no secret that I am as mean as Taz.
More like Elmer DUD!
This is the X2, their faces are hilarious! Jim isn't a screamer he says he can't breathe, I guess this is proof. Looks like Trever can't either!

This is our all time favorite it is the newest one there called the X2. This one plays sweet music in your ear as you make the first climb and as you near the top it starts to blare Metallica then it throws you over the edge head first backwards. You never see the track or any other cars through the whole thing, and then... IT BLOWS FIRE AT YOU!! They just don't get much better than that. They are building a new one and I can't imagine what it will be like.
Batman was probably friends with Taz, because he saw Trever comin a mile away and came after him. I'm gonna say I think Trever won. I knew he was meaner than Taz!

The Tatsu is one of the longest rides there. They strap your feet in and then lay you on your face and you fly through the park. It's intense, Trever isn't big enough to ride it yet so I have only been on it once and it usually takes me a few times to really appreciate one. We all agree that the worst part of the ride is from the time they strap your ankles down until the time you take off. We all start getting claustrophobic!