Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Jim broke his back in August and he will be back to work next week so we decided for one last hoorah! Sami and Trever have never been to Disneyland so it was about time. Sami hates magic mountain rides but we promised her this would be different. I booked and paid for our room and tickets before hand through getawaytoday and it was perfect. Because of our big family we stayed at Raddison suites which is 6 miles from Disneyland but they have free shuttles, we didn't use them because Jim has anxiety and wanted the car "just in case". Free breakfast buffet every day and with Alex that saved us a TON! We had great weather most the time. A little rain but long sleeve shirts and very short lines except for Tuesday. We stayed 4 nights and had a lot of fun. Favorites: really the usual, Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain, Small World. I hated Space Mountain last time but liked it this time. I love Peter Pan adventure. And Sami and I wore our princess tiaras.

Walking into the princess castle

This is where my family belongs

Trever got to guide our boat in the miniature land

Sami begged to ride the tea cups but they were closed the first day because of rain. Finally she got to ride.

Princess castle at night. It was so beautiful lit up.

The haunted mansion

Sami and her butler friend at the haunted mansion

yes we planned it

welcome to Disneyland


Football and Cheer 2010

Well a little late, because it's now over but oh well this is how it went.
Alex freshman year #7 (mom's number! Dad's was taken)
Alex, first year in high school and did great. The coach would call Jim all the time and said Alex hits like a truck! He did. He played tight end on offense and could catch anything near him. No touch downs but did get to the 1 yard line. He caught a lot of long passes but our quarterback is a first year Q.B. so needless to say there were a lot of bad throws. He played defensive end on defense and like we were told, we saw for ourselves that he hits like a truck! He had too many sacs to count, a blocked punt and was in on most tackles even if they were on the opposite side of the field. His downfall- typical Alex, focus. He had a hard time remembering plays, otherwise he would have ran the ball because he's a big ole boy and still one of the fastest on the team. He's 5'11 1/2, I say 6 foot but that would make him as tall as Jim and that's plain weird! He was out for a game because we were playing down in L.A. and he got hit and couldn't answer the 100 questions the guy was spitting at him so we were handed the stupid CIF form and spent most the night at the ER in L.A. It was fine, the hospital was nice, even had valet parking. I am sad the season is over and I'm looking forward to next year, so is he. He had a very busy schedule: up at 5:15 to get ready for school, seminary at 6:30, school, football practice until 5:30 then he would have to wait for the youth practice to get over at 7:30. Dinner, homework, and lucky to be in bed by 10:30 or 11. He's looking forward to some spare time to work on his suburban. He drives in 6 months. I KNOW!!!!

Trever. He had a good season. He got bigger but not taller. He needs to work on speed but still hits like Alex. I know it's horrible for me to say but he hit a kid so hard the first game he walked off the field and quit. I think Alex did that to a boy last year. Trever is a running back. We have some coaching issues, coaches kid got fed the ball so Trever had to work 10 times harder with what he was given. That's ok, we try to explain that's how it goes. He does need to work on speed again, he's still fast but he's moving up next year and those boys seem huge to me. He made several touch downs, never came out of the game all season until the last play off game with 2 minutes left, he was part of a really big hit, 3 helmets collided and he came off seeing stars and puking. He was fine about an hour later. Rough sport, but he loves it. So do I. With practice in town it's so much easier and more enjoyable.
Trever youth freshman #30 (dad's number like always)
Jimi Lee. Hard season. Her coach didn't seem that into this year so they did most themselves and they have a younger team. She is still the best on the squad, not just because I'm bias she really is. I helped out with tumbling and by mid season had 5 girls out of 11, INCLUDING JIMI, doing back handsprings. And 3, INCLUDING JIMI, doing round off back handsprings. They took second in competition out of 9, so they did good. Jimi sprained her wrist really bad at competition and is out for the last comp this Saturday at Magic Mountain. They needed her. She's starting basketball now. She has to take it easy at practice for a few more weeks, no force on it. (back handsprings, throwing girls in the air) 
Youth Senior Cheer. Bottem row Jessica, Danielle, Marissa, Haddi, Molly
Middle: Mary Ann, Sherry, Harleigh
Top: Destiny, Sammy, and yes Jimi

Yep that's my Jimi Lee top right! HAM

Sami didn't cheer. She was so cute though. She went to every game and practice and was a social butterfly. She is such a DIVA! Unbelievable. She demands chocolate daily. All she needs is a tiara. (no she's not getting mine)