Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Interesting art work

One more thing we wanted to share. When Jimi was out on the floor she went to do crafts during the day and loved it. So, the first day she made a collage of words that she picked and cut out, things that told all about HER... look closely we found it VERY interesting. A few days earilier it would have been a whole different poster.


Yes you heard me right, we are home!!! All of us!! After only a few days on the floor they said she was well enough to come home. All the staples are out of her stomach, all 21 of them, and healing quite nicely. Jimi had an appointment in Bakersfield with one of the Dr.'s that saw her at UCLA, they did some blood tests and seem to think she is healing well. We still don't know exactly what came first the chicken or the egg (blood clots, or burst appendix) but with time we will continue to do tests to figure it all out. This is going to be a long road, but its a road to recovery.

So, after she got out, we took her down to the beach as we had promised. It was wonderful, it's funny how beautiful our family looked just standing on the beach all together. We are definitely blessed. So the whole way home, Jim and I panicked and had a few break downs worrying that we were leaving too early. Remembering some of the things that had happened over the last three weeks. But for all the scary things we had on our minds we thought of all the AMAZING things that have happened. So here are just a few.

1. Everyone in our church who fasted, prayed and went out of their way to make sure my entire family was taken care of in our time of need. THANK YOU

2. Everyone at Verizon who gave up their personal vacation time, most gave the max they could, taking time from their families and money from their pockets so that Jim could be with his baby girl, and with me!!

3. Edison, who gave Kenny the time off, and brought food to our other kids. Jim and I and even Jimi needed him so bad, he held us together when we were falling apart.

4. Kenny, who as I just said Held us together! Who wanted to stick it out to the end, who in no way was going to leave her side, or ours. Who took his personal time to be with us. And has strengthened his relationship with his niece, and now if you ask him he would tell you he has 3 boys and a girl.

5. Terrie, who was my shoulder to cry on and hold me up when I just couldn't do it myself! And who knows what medical questions to ask, when we are all just in shock and confused.

6. The entire staff and student body of South Fork school who wrote her get well cards and letters. And I mean EVERYONE in the school!!!

7. Her Primary and activity day kids at church!

8. Everyone who paid nights on our room, without telling us who you are, slipped money into our pockets, prayed, cried, and loved our little girl....

9. UCLA (kind of self explanatory)

10. And all the family at home who took care of the kids so we knew they were OK and we didn't have to worry about them, even though we still did. Who helped with the house and the pets and the laundry, and a dryer (I still don't know where that came from, and nobody will tell me)

11. All the visitors who drove hours and hours in horrible traffic to come down to visit even knowing they could only spend a few minutes with her, it really did lift her spirits.

OK, I think you are getting the point and I know I can go on for days, and I probably will, but my point is.... THANK YOU for loving Jimi, and our whole family!

Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm glad so many friends and family are checking out Jimi's progress on our blog, I do put some time into it and she was just wondering why nobody leaves comments for her.... so even if your a lurker, leave feedback and make the girl happy. Thanks for all your prayers for her and our family, they're working so keep them up. Post more later.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Finally things are looking UP!!!

Well, after 16 days in the PICU Jimi has finally gotten strong enough to get on the floor (in a room) We got settled in yesterday and so far so good. She took about 10 steps yesterday and is walking to the bathroom on her own (with mom or dad there in case she falls) She is gaining her independence back and is ready to blow this joint. All that said, UCLA is the BEST hospital with the best staff ever. I am so impressed with all that they do and how much they really do care about her. Her favorite Dr. is Dr. Lance and we just love his bedside manner, the way he explains everything not only to us, but to her. Even lets her listen to his heart and breathing. He, along with many of the nurses have made a big impression on us. So, all of you out there that are looking for an organization to donate to, crafts, games, money, just about anything, this would be a great thing. Project Linus, like our ward does in church, has donated her her favorite blanket, so get involved with that, it really brought her spirits up. Any card games, or board games, movies, or even toys that you may see on sale, donate. They have a playroom, with crafts and toys and games and to see these poor kids light up the way they do is a miracle and we are going to give all we can to this hospital because they deserve it. Jimi also received a scrapbook kit to start her memory book and it has all the supplies needed for it, the only thing they don't have here is the photo printer, so if anyone has one to donate, that would be great, if not, that may be one of the things we donate. But, it looks like maybe a week, maybe a little less, and she will be coming home, it is still a long road ahead until she is back to her normal self but she is getting there. Thank you all for all your support, we couldn't have done it without all our family and friends. We love you all!!!

Here are a few more pictures of the newest developments, and Dr. Lance

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

and the week turns into two...

Ok, so.... it is a little after midnight on Tuesday morning and I am sitting up watching Jimi sleep in ICU at UCLA. And I 'm thinking exactly two weeks ago at this moment I was in a panic in Memorial Hospital ER in the hallway waiting for them to do emergency surgery wondering why if it was such an emergency why they were waiting until 5 am. Only to find out soon there after that she had a blood issue and her blood wasn't clotting properly and they were afraid she would bleed out on the table, after much panic and a plasma donor waiver she was into surgery for what was supposed to be 35 minutes and a small incision on her right side, but ended up being a four hour surgery and sliced from top to bottom... But hey she is still alive!!!! And probably won't wear belly shirts and bikini's..... (me looking on the bright side)

So, as of today, well yesterday technically.... they found out that she had lost some blood supply to her kidneys which may or may not have come from a blood clot, but as long as there is not extensive scarring to her kidney's they should fully recover, which is great news. As she is relaxed and fast asleep her blood pressure at this moment is 140/73 which is with her on a patch and a drip into her IV and they think that is great, at one point it was 190/101. Still no word on when we will get out, but she is feeling a little better, still lots of belly pain but she is moving around a little more and working on getting out of bed more and more. Keep Praying!!!

Alex, Sami and Trever are being little troopers and are still at home, we miss them SO incredibly bad, we are going to try to get them here this weekend, after Trever's football game, by then we are hoping Jimi may be on the floor (in her own room).

A few pictures, Jimi throwin gang signs, she's in the west side Picu!!

And Dr. Andy, he has fallen in love with her and spoils her worse than we do, the nurses can't

believe the special treatment he gives her.

Saturday, September 8, 2007


as most of you know Jimi is really sick, she is in PICU at UCLA and has been here since Tuesday. Her appendix died (not burst) and took along with it her colon. She is still trying to recover but having complications, every day is a rollar coaster ride and makes us want to die. Thought I would share a few pictures of the experience. I have a few of our helicopter ride over from Bakersfield, I took them because I knew that she wouldn't believe she rode in a real chopper. Tommie brought the kids down to see her and Sami came in saw her, Jimi pulled up her gown to show her where they did surgery (it was covered still) and Sami fainted, hit the floor, by policy they had to call 911 and we had to take her down to the ER. Just what we needed. Luckily they understood that we needed to be back up with Jimi so they were REALLY fast and we were only there about an hour and a half. Sami was so embarrassed and so sad, and scared too. They have been through a lot with this whole thing too. Keep sending your prayers, she's a fighter and loves you all! (beware, some of these pictures are GRAPHIC)