Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pictures from Kenny

The boys hobby is hunting hunting hunting. When we first got this dog Maggie, I wasn't thrilled. I was less thrilled when she didn't get worked with as much as I thought she should have to be a good hunting dog. I have since changed m mind. She is an amazing English Pointer and the boys say she is so much fun to hunt with. It makes quail hunting a whole new experience and they go every chance they get. This is Maggie in a point, she won't move until they flush them and shoot, and even then sometimes if there is a stubborn one is still in there she will hold her point. The crazy thing about this dog is that she is so hyper until it's time to hunt, then it's ALL business.
While out Quail hunting the other day they saw a Pheasant, it was really cool! (Trever didn't shoot it, but wanted to look like he did)
These are some of the pictures from when they took the horses up deer hunting that Kenny took.
I LOVE this picture. It is neat scenery both of Jim's butt and the mountains, oh and my baby boy too.
Glad to see it wasn't all work. Is it ever work when it comes to Trever?
Sitting back watching movies... that's my way of camping.
This was the squirrel foot. You can see the look in this childes eyes that he was up to NO good even then.

I had to make sure these were still the feet of the squirrel and not the balls, I'm the mom so I'm not sure I got a straight answer.

Off to hunt for the day.
Jim after a long day of horse back riding and looking for deer.
I think their camp looks so pretty, when it's warm I don't mind hanging out like this.

I think they all enjoyed taking the horses up. Even if they didn't get anything, I think they all had a great time riding.
Now, let's compare camps. This one....


They look happy for almost dying!
Thanks Kenny for sending over your pictures. My camera got broken on the trip so we didn't get too many pictures.

Friday, November 20, 2009


I have and even if I had pictures it wouldn't do it justice!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My bedroom and digging

We want our bedroom and bathroom so bad and we are getting closer and closer, it won't be long now. The bathroom has been what's stopping us since we moved in. The thought of tearing up good concrete and tapping into a septic tank is scary. Jim has a good friend Greg who really helped us out. He is loaning Jim all the equipment and holding our hand though it. He is "donating" all the fittings and flex pipe he can. It won't be long now.
I hope you can tell how deep this really is. It is also Trevers favorite place to play with his cars.
Ok so Jim cut the concrete out and jack hammered it all out. He dug a smaller deep hole to find out exactly where the pipe was and ran out of time. The other day I was sick of my kids and needed to work out anyways so I started digging and digging and digging. At the deepest point this hole comes to my shoulder and the shallow end comes to my mid waist. Luckily the dirt kind of soft but lifting shovel full of dirt over my head was not the greatest on my body. My shoulder didn't go ALL the way out, but almost did 3 or so times. But I will say I felt my age the next day. I couldn't move. My back hurt so bad, and honestly still does. I'm not as young as I once was. If only my body could keep up with my mind.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

No more a youth

ok, I did steal this from Cori but I cried on her post and thought it was a great idea. Alex had his end of the year football party on Sunday. We all had a lot of fun but it was very sad. For me it represents him growing up so fast. No more youth football for him, sounds trivial but for me it stands for not being a kid anymore. He has had two amazing seasons and I know he will play again next year in high school but it will just be different. He had great coach's this year the head coach was Scott Tedrow and he did put a great team together and they had a great team. Alex was the "go to guy" but a good friend of his Tristen was a great blocker and couldn't have done it without him. Just some memories I don't want him to forget.
Alex, great job on always giving your all. Both in practice and in the games. We told you it wouldn't go unnoticed and it didn't. Don't forget that you didn't get there on your own, you had help from a good coach good blockers and don't forget your parents and the referee clinic we held at the games. Not only did you get the recognition but you improved so much. Besides you know the girls go crazy for your abs. (aawwhh, my baby has abs) Love you and I hope you take this lesson into all aspects of your life!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

End of Football 2009

Both boys lost their games last Saturday. They didn't play up to their ability. Trever had a decent game but nothing great. Alex had a good game and scored the only touch down for his team. It was sad and yes I cried. It was his very last football game for youth football. I do know he will go on to play in high school so I am dealing with it. I am glad the season is over but we really do enjoy watching the boys play.

Sami and Jimi have their first cheer competition on Saturday, I think in Mojave. We have to be there so early but it's not that far so no big deal. I have been helping both teams and they look really good. Jimi's more than Sami's. Jimi finally got her back handspring. I shouldn't say finally, she worked on getting a back tuck first and finally we talked her into trying a handspring and she had that in about 30 minutes. It looks good. Hopefully I'll have a few pictures maybe video of the competition next week.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Update on Football

It's almost over which I am happy about but I always get a little sad. It takes a lot of time out of our schedule but it is also a lot of family time and I truly enjoy watching my boys play football and my girls excel in cheer.

- Both Alex and Trever's teams made it to playoffs. They play in Rim on Saturday which honestly I didn't really budget for so it will be up there at 3:00am and home hopefully by midnight. If they loose they are done with their season, I really don't think Trever's team will loose, and Alex's team has beat the team they are playing and lost to them once too.

-The girls are preparing for competition. They have two and I hope Sami's team does well but I KNOW Jimi's team will do awesome! Jimi has been working on a back tuck (flip) for a few weeks, maybe months. Her coach said if she didn't have it by Tuesdays practice she couldn't count on it for competition. So Jim and I talked her into just trying a back handspring. She got it after about 30 minutes and she doesn't need a spotter or anything. I helped one more girl on their team who was struggeling a little with it on Tuesday at practice gave her a few tips and now she's got it too. At this level it really impresses the judges to have at least one tumbler on a squad but two will really wow them and they look great! They have some difficult stunts and really nail them.

-Alex got his 2nd ever touch down on Saturday in Bishop, here is HIS article in the paper this week. From the Kern Valley Sun

The Kern Valley Senior Broncs beat the Bishop Broncos on Saturday in Bishop by a score of 28-19.The Broncs were down 12-6 at halftime, but charged back in the second half.
=Dalton Gallis led the Broncs offense by going 7-for-14 for 110 yards in the air, including a 43 yard touchdown strike to Cody Little. Gallis had four carries for 74 yards and two TD's. Alex Hurley had 14 carries for 78 yards, including a 38 yard TD run.Hurley and Thomas Hill led the Broncs defensive attack with Hurley posting eight tackles and three sacks, while Hill added nine tackles. Tristen Hernandez had seven tackles, and Quinn Bohn posted two sacks.

Just to clarify it never seems like Alex's stats seem the greatest ever but he is one of the bigger boys on the team so one of his jobs is to power up the middle THROUGH the line to get just a few yards for the first down, so he doesn't get as many yards but is tough. He does credit most of his yards and touch downs to HIS lead blocker Tristen Hernandez you does an amazing job blocking for Alex. It's great that Alex sees that he couldn't do it all himself and needs Tristen. They have great field chemistry and will play great together through high school too.

-Now Trever's article isn't so great this week. It seems like when he has a great game it isn't printed but the gist is... he had 2 tackles. It doesn't mention a block he had where he took the poor boy out of the game and made him quit. And the boy was at least a foot taller than him.

- My camera took a dump and doesn't work so I wish I had pictures of them in action. I'm hoping Santa brings me a nice Canon Rebel camera for Christmas. There is a lady who takes a lot of action shots and she is looking for some of Alex and Trever and we will buy some good ones if they have them, and a girl who films all of Trevers games and sells them for only $5 a game.

- The game was on Halloween and the girls did the Thriller dance, I taught Jimi and she taught the team. I though I got it recorded but little did I know my good camera is broken too so I didn't get it. I heard someone else videoed it and I'm trying to get a copy because it was so cute.

This was much longer than I had hoped but that's what's going on with football. We are debating on letting Jimi play basketball for school, I like the break before softball/baseball starts, especially because i am probably going to coach this year.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween in Bishop

This picture of Sami the "morning after" kind of explains it all! We were up late trick or treating with the Reiswigs in a REAL neighborhood with sidewalks and streetlights and even mail box's. It was great and really not that cold. The kids got lots of candy and Sami woke up the next morning and didn't say a word, just rolled over and started going through candy. I think she may have even fell back asleep.

This is the only picture of Alex. I don't know if he moves too fast and that's why I never get a picture or what, but proof that he was there.

The great candy trade. We were watching Jerry McGuire and the kids asked what an agent was. So I explained and told Sami I would be her agent for the candy trade and it would cost her 10%. Jim said that was way too high but she agreed.
This is all she did all day! Sit and eat candy. SUGAR SHOCK!
Jimi took this picture. He's a dork. And the only one who got a FULL size candy bar.

This is what a sugar coma looks like! (if you were wondering)
don't ask me, cause I have NO idea what she was thinking.

we went to the famous bakery and while waiting for the boys outside there was an old phone booth. I was amazed how many questions the girls had. Jimi didn't think it cost anything to use a "PAY" phone. (go figure)