Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hunting and Halloween and Parties...

Well, last week Jim took Trever on his first big game hunt. They went Boar Hunting, they left at 4am Saturday morning and didn't get home until about 10pm that night. They sat in tree stands and waited and waited and saw no Boar... they saw deer and every other kind of animal, but no Boar. Maybe next time. They are looking to do an overnight hunt on the same private property, I guess the Boar are so bad up there that they are tearing up the property so they are sure to get one sooner or later. But they sure looked cute.

That same Saturday night Alex and Jimi had their first real party to go to. Their friend had a big Halloween party and they both went, they had fun but they said it could have been funner. It seems so weird that they are getting social, but I guess it's about that time.

And that leaves us to HALLOWEEN... I love this holiday. We had trunk or treat at the church. It was a lot of fun, the Buntings made hot dogs and we had chips and cupcakes and candy, candy, candy!!!! We decorated Jim's work tent again with the blow up ghost and spider and black lights and a strobe light. Jim dressed in his camo hunting gear and I dressed like a ROCKER!! It was funny because it was opposite of all the standards we teach the girls in our church, but that's what Halloween's for, a day to dress up in something you'll never be again. Then we came home and hit a few houses on our street and now they are all tucked in and amazingly enough, even with all the sugar in their blood, they are fast asleep!! YEAHHHH!!

Jimi has cheer leading in Big Bear this weekend, then competition in Big Bear next weekend and the weekend after that is the FINAL competition here at home. I will be glad when it's over, I don't feel like I have a spare second to breath lately. That's ok, breathing is really over rated anyways I think.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

yes, we're still here

Sorry it's been so long since we've posted to our blog. Not too much going on. We are getting Dr. bills in almost every day, and really they're not too bad yet. I will do a post on that later. Kern Valley Sun wants to do a story on Jimi, the editor was crying just by a few of the details I gave her, I will let you all know when that comes out. She is doing good, maybe overdoing it a bit, but she goes back to the Dr. on Tuesday so that will give us comfort again. She is already caught back up in school, and knows most of the competition cheer for cheer leading. She is an amazing girl. Last night I was listening to channel 17 news and they are doing the Bakersfield House for Hope charity event, where you buy a ticket for $100 and you have a chance to win some great prizes even a $400,000 house (in Bakersfield though). I didn't think much then, but then they said the money raised would be going to build a Pediatric ICU in Memorial Hospital, it touched my heart and I hope it touches yours. The bad news is that today is the last day to buy your tickets, but if you would like to the web sight is It is a great cause and could have made things a lot better and easier on our family. Now I know it's a blessing that we ended up at UCLA but to have a closer PICU could help so many.

Alex is doing great in school, he is so girl crazy it is unreal. But he is taking better care of himself. Homework is being turned in and grades are looking good, it's just from day to day who his girlfriend will be.

Sami is her normal sweet self, school is not so great for her, but I think she's been distracted.

And Trever, had a great game in Cal City last Saturday, even ran the ball for 20 yards on one play and some other short runs. (this is big for the rookie team) So this game is a home one this week and he will be the running back. They have been teaching the other kids on the team to block, they put 2 big guys on him and he still breaks through, but they are doing better. He is excited to hear his name over the speaker on Saturday,.

And Jim, well he is all smiles because hunting season opens Saturday and he is going hunting after the games, he already has his licence and just came home with his shells. He took Maggie (his English pointer hunting dog) out the other day and she was holding and flushing quail, so he is really excited. I'm glad he is going, he has a great time, and the stupid dog finally gets used!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Back to normalceeeee (Not even close!!)

Well, after being home a few weeks I thought we would be more back to normal than we are. Jimi is going to school, but still hasn't completed a full day, she is still really tired. The incision is healing very well but she still has a huge swollen knot in her belly that scares me to DEATH and the Dr. seems to think it is still ok. I think I am going to keep calling until they at least look at it. They seem to think if she isn't in horrible pain and doesn't have a fever that she is fine. HELLO... her organs died and she had no pain and no fever, you think they would know that by now!!!

Trever was so excited on Saturday because he had a home game and I was finally going to be able to go, so this is my weekend...

Friday night, homecoming for the high school so we went to the game. KV was robbed the refs sucked!! Stayed out too late and it was cold.

So Saturday morning at 4 am.....
Sami: Mommy, wake up, I just threw up A LOT!!
Me: was it in the toilet?
Sami: Yes
Me: ok get in bed with us

Saturday morning at 5 am
Trever: Mommy, wake up, I just threw up!!
Me: Trever?
Trever: yeah
Me: did you make it to the toilet?
Trever: yes
Me: ok get in bed with us

Saturday morning 6 am

Jimi: Mom, I just threw up and it hurts really bad
Me: did you make it to the toilet?
Jimi: no I tried I couldn't get there fast enough, my belly hurts

at this point I take her temp and blood pressure which was 140/93 way too high!! and clean up puke, FUN way to start any day, here's to all the moms out there!

Now, we should be getting up getting ready for Trevers football game, and he wakes up

Trever: MOM I'm going to....
I rush over with a trash can, he leans over the bed and pukes... GREAT

So, no game for us!!!

Everyone was fine, Sami and Trever felt better by noon or so, and Jimi kept throwing up until about 3, which was the Dr.s deadline on taking her to the ER. She got a blessing and didn't throw up again. How grateful I am for the Priesthood!!!

Sunday was great! I love watching conference at home in BED!! Lazy day!