Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jimi the dork!

This is what I deal with almost daily. When kids are little you can't wait until the kids go to bed without a fight. I'm wondering when that happens. Jimi sent me these texts over the past 3 nights, while she is in bed. All I can say is she is VERY VERY strange. I laughed so hard though and definitely had to save them so one day I can show her kids how big of a dork she was.

Can u bring me some water plz. I feel weak and like im gonna pass out. Plz. Do u want me to play good tomarrow or not. And make sure the glass isnt dirty when u fill it up. Thanks. Ur a doll.

Nvm. I jacked samis water. Thanks anyways tho.

Have a sleep safe.... I mean safe sleep.... Wait.... Sleep good.... Be safe. Lol

Hey batta batta batta swing swing!!! Batta swing. Swing batta. Swing that bat batta. Swing swing.Hahahaha.

Gotta go to bed. Night love u. Tell the newborn baby dinosour i said night. (rolls on the floor cracking up laughing in a nice fashionly order)

You play softball... U get snow cone at end. U play the whole game for snow cone and the other players who play half game get snow cones. Y not play half game for free snow cone. "hey! Im playing half game for snow cone" and u play half game for snow cone. those ppl who play full game get a full snow cone.... Those ppl who play half game get full snow cone. So y not play half game and get a free snow cone thats full? Mmmmmhhh

"i" after "e" except after "c" on holidays and weekends and on airplanes and at burger king where u have it ur way and youll always be wrong no matter wat u say!!!!

I have a rock in my eye. Jumping left to rite. It stings and hurts then acts like alex and flirts. Its green and mean like trever with leprocee. Its winey and yet shiney like sami and her hiney. It makes me yell and scream like mom when we go out to sell. Its sleeping without peeping like dad when hes sleeping. Its also fake like the prostitute down the street. Hahahahahahaha

No one panic!!!!!! The rock jumped out of my eye. I repeat... The rock jumped out of my eye!

Need good lines? Go to 1-800-GETLINES. " hey... im redbull... Not lets fly away" "lets be murderers and kill time" "i could knock ur lights out and u could still shine" "i hate to watch u go but love to watch u leave" "im runnin back and forth... Like the soccer team" lol

Ssshhhh. Ppl might hear my jokes. Now go to bed!!!!

Um.... U can call my parents.... There number is 1-800-GETALIFE.

Wallart.... Eat fresh
Burger king.... Life well spent
Reedd rroobbinn.... Have a nice day
Ok. Im done.
Good well. I mean... Well night... I mean good night... Well bye!!!! There we go!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Brace Face

Today Trever got braces. He has the same under bite that Jimi had when she was his age. The good part, it is preventive care so insurance covers most of it. Dr. Kent put them on and from what his assistant said they're going to hurt but move quick. Oh and they're not green and pink, it's a lime green and orange.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mini Vacation

( 3 of my goofy kids, no confidence problems here)

We had a great weekend. Jim has been working a ton, then softball, not to mention teenagers, the point is we were both feeling disconnected from the kids. A perfect opportunity came along to get away for a weekend. Jim's brother Tim graduated from the fire academy in Sacramento and we wanted to be there to support him. We left at about 4:00 am on Friday to get there have a few minutes to clean up in his mom and Lindsey's room, grab a bite to eat and get to the graduation. It was great! We are all so proud of Timmy.

We had decided to leave Sacramento and get to San Jose to spend the night then move on to Santa Cruz to play at the beach on Saturday and head home. We got to San Jose where I got a smokin deal on a 4 star hotel room, Jim checked us in and got us all free breakfast ticket for $100. Really I have no idea how he does it. Before we headed to Sana Cruz I saw an add for this huge flea market. We ended up going, nobody would bargain so we left. By the time we had checked out, eaten and went to the flea market drove to Sana Cruz it was 5:00. The pier rides were closed and it was freezing cold. So we had Samis laptop found a hot spot and booked a nice hotel there in Sana Cruz.

(This was the Sana Cruz pier at night)
Again, Jim checked in and got us an upgrade to a 2 bedroom Suit. We were in a nice area but something in the hotel across the street had lots of action, ALL NIGHT LONG. There were 2 ambulances taking off with their lights on. About 20 cops up and down the road, then walking around looking for something. I saw this car pull up next to the crime scene and 2 guys jump out run over to a car on the backside of the hotel parking lot and both cars took off. Then about 20 minutes later the officer was searching the ground around where the car was parked. Weird huh?

(the hotel with all the action, the next morning)

Ok, so the kids were a little freaked from all the police and helicopter. Alex helped Jim sneak out of the room where he found the hotel phone and called our room, disguised his voice. I put it on speaker phone and he said, "we are just letting our guests know there may be a possible evacuation because of an intruder in the hotel, we will let you know". Thanks to Alex he snuck back in the room unnoticed. He had the kids really going, had them all get their stuff together just in case we had to leave. He finally told them when Sami started having a panic attack. It was a late night. We were woken up very early 7:30 but time had changed, so it felt way earlier, by a fire alarm. After getting dressed quickly we evacuated only to find out there was a malfunction in the system.

So it's Sunday, we went to get some cash out to finish off the trip. My card has been shut off because of some fraud and I haven't received my new card yet. Jim went to get the cash and Wells Fargo had shut off his card even though he had let the bank know we would be out of town for the weekend. After an hour on the phone fighting with the bank to get it turned on, they fixed it. Whew!

We head back to the beach. Jim took me to the beach for the first time in January right before we got married. I absolutely LOVE the beach. To me it's the ONLY great thing about California. After some persuading on Jimis part she got me in the water, which was extremely freezing. We went out about 300 yards and attempted to body surf. We did ok. We did have one wave come and tear us up, slam us in the sand and hurt like... When we got out we were freezing so we went to change and for about 2 hours Jimi and I couldn't move our hands and it was really hard to talk, we weren't cold anymore but our muscles must have been. It was a really strange feeling. After a long day at the beach we headed home. We got home about 1am and the kids were only a few minutes late for school the next morning. It was so worth it!

(after being in the water way too long)

(Jim said Alex would love this picture because it shows off his abs)

( never too old to play in the sand)

(Jimi and I heading out, Sami almost came with us but it was too cold for her)
Jimi and I had decided about a month ago that we both wanted to learn to surf. I have ALWAYS wanted to and I think I need too before I get too old. This summer we are going surfing.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

dun ta dun...

It's finally finished! (well mostly) It looks beautiful, the girls say it looks like a magazine, I'm going to pat myself on the back and say it does. When we started to paint the wains coat I almost cried, it was so pink. I kept on full force and I'm glad I did, it worked! And I figured out I love Ross for all the bedding and curtains, they were so cheap and nice quality.

Jimi started putting her awards on the wall, it looked trashy. This shows how orange it was.

Love the green carpet? No more mowing the room.
This is what was under the carpet. It was gross.
Jim had to fix drywall from where we remodled the living room and moved doors. We also had to re-texture the room, that was messy.That's Trever under the tabel, painting, not helping.
And the finished product of all my work!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I'm just overwhelmed right now. I dove in head first on a new project. I'm finally getting the girls room remodeled, I was going to lay laminate floor because I know how, and paint all one color. Easy right. Right, until Jim came into the picture and wanted to try wanes coating half way up the wall. One color. Chair rail on top of that. Two color. And the top a different color. Three color. Then he found a remnant of carpet that will cover both kids room for $70 so he decided we needed carpet in there. I like the idea, the problem... I have NO idea how to lay carpet. Guess I'll learn. Add softball try-outs, then deciding to coach, drafts and now practice all while not knowing where all our gear is, yet everything from the girls room is in my living room, which equals stress when you walk through the door. Oh yeah and currently after doing about 5 loads of laundry I only have about 6 or 7 more. Other stuff too but they will be blogged later, same with the after pictures of the girls room.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Progress in my bedroom

Jim is making HUGE progress in our room. He has been working 100 hours a week then going out to work on it. Most of the plumbing is in so we have been waiting for our shower so that the garage door can be taken down and the wall can be put up. Jim's the smart one, I would have put the wall up then realized when the HUGE shower showed up we would have no way to get it in. It showed up on a pallet all crated up. Jim mentioned the movie "A Christmas Story" when the dad gets the leg lamp and he is digging into the crate. We were like that. About an hour later we had it out.
No sexy leg lamp in here!
Mariah helped us out. I have no idea why she has to make these faces when a camera comes out, but she does!

Now onto the next step. But this shower is SO awesome! Whirlpool tub, 8 acupressure jets up your back, a rain head shower, a sauna that is computerized to adjust the temperature, a place to hook up your mp3 player and a speaker phone to answer phone calls while in the shower.
(I won't use that so don't call when I'm in the shower)