Monday, March 1, 2010

Progress in my bedroom

Jim is making HUGE progress in our room. He has been working 100 hours a week then going out to work on it. Most of the plumbing is in so we have been waiting for our shower so that the garage door can be taken down and the wall can be put up. Jim's the smart one, I would have put the wall up then realized when the HUGE shower showed up we would have no way to get it in. It showed up on a pallet all crated up. Jim mentioned the movie "A Christmas Story" when the dad gets the leg lamp and he is digging into the crate. We were like that. About an hour later we had it out.
No sexy leg lamp in here!
Mariah helped us out. I have no idea why she has to make these faces when a camera comes out, but she does!

Now onto the next step. But this shower is SO awesome! Whirlpool tub, 8 acupressure jets up your back, a rain head shower, a sauna that is computerized to adjust the temperature, a place to hook up your mp3 player and a speaker phone to answer phone calls while in the shower.
(I won't use that so don't call when I'm in the shower)

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Anonymous said...

okay baby sister! I guess i only THOUGHT i had the most awesome bathroom in the world! YES I AM JEALOUS! Hope you enjoy it! :) Love you!