Sunday, February 28, 2010

The things Bo teaches Trever

When we first moved here 6 years ago when Trever was 4 one of his favorite things was getting to live by Bo, his favorite cousin. In the years he has been Bo's little buddy and Bo has done a lot with him and really taught him a lot. Bo has been into archery for awhile and we knew Trever would go over and watch. Last week we had a cord of wood delivered and they just dump it in the yard. Jim and I had both had a long day but had prepared ourselves that when we got home we would have to stack this huge amount of wood. To our surprise it was done, and done so nice. Trever had came home from school and did it all himself. He worked his butt off because he had really wanted the compound Bow they had found a week prior. Jim was so impressed that he took him down right then to get it. After Jim bargained his way down. The bow "expert" was showing Trever how to use it and was amazed at how perfect his form was and how much he really knew about it. He had learned it all from Bo. They came home and Trever was hitting the target every time. Today Bo even made him his own leather arm protector. The night he got the bow he was exhausted and fell asleep with the bow.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another Winter Formal

This was Alex's last winter formal at the middle school, and Jimi's second. We didn't let Sami go because really she's too young. Next year we will let her but we will chaperon. She was a good girl and didn't even ask. I realize how big my kids have gotten, and how old they look. Instead of feeling like I'm old I've just decided I look like their older sister. HA HA HA!
Although at one point when I was helping Jimi with her hair we were standing beside each other in the mirror and it took both our breath away of how much we looked alike.
This year Tori and Harleigh also got to go, they all looked so beautiful. From what I hear they all had a really great time and it isn't like when Jim and I were in middle school where everyone stands on opposite sides of the gym until the last dance where everyone dances then wishes that they would have danced the whole time. They dance the whole time.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Whiskey Flats

We aren't really a whiskey flats family. Jim had to work and at first the kids didn't realize why I wouldn't take them without dad going with us. Later, when Jim got off of work, we went. They then realized exactly why we don't go without him. It's really a lot of drunks running around. They have a lot of booths, where I got my Miche handbag, coolest bag in the world. It was my Valentines gift from Jim. Got some decorating ideas for our bedroom, that I found cheaper at Ross a few days later. I was so glad we didn't buy them at whiskey flats. We did take the kids to the small carnival one night where we went out on a ledge and gave Alex and Jimi a little freedom (thanks to cell phones and constant knowledge of where they were) they got to hang out with friends most of the time. We would see them in passing and it's really nice that they aren't at all embarrassed of us. I sometimes wish Jimi was, but it's the other way around, she brings ALL her friends to me and she embarrasses me. The little ones, and me, rode a few rides. Jim, as always, bargained with the ride managers and got most of them for free. We even got my favorite carne asada tacos for free because Jim is friends with the family that owns the truck that makes the best ones ever.
Sami and Trever on the tilt-a-whirl.
We went through the fun mirror house and I thought the family would get a kick out of this picture because they tease me so bad about having short legs. (really they all have FREAKISHLY long legs)
This is what I would look like with short legs.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Seven hours taking down just a small wallpaper boarder in a 12x12 room. If I ever mention wallpaper again slap me!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This week

I have no pictures. Why? I don't know I just don't! I did something funky to my neck, I've never had neck pain until this week. I went to the chiropractor Monday after not sleeping or being able to move without excruciating pain. He didn't adjust it because he didn't like the fact my face on that side was numb and second because I was too tense for it to move. I had to get x-rays (and good pain meds) and my neck is completely straight. Apparently it's supposed to have a curve. Back to the chiropractor who did some minor adjustments but still really tense and he said it looked like, and what I described was an inflamed/injured disc. And that it would take about 2 weeks to feel better. Here it is Tuesday and it still hurts, not near as bad but I still can't look to my right without turning my whole body. Back to the chiropractor tomorrow. I'm over a week so only half a week more of pain. Thanks to Karrie and Cori for bringing my family dinner. It helped so much!

That's really it. Jim has worked almost every day since the 1st, and tons of overtime. It's bitter sweet. LOVE the money, but his body doesn't like it much. All I can say is it got us "caught up" and I can see my bedroom in the distance. Not long now!