Tuesday, April 29, 2008



Well last night Trever dove over this inflatable raft, his brother and sister pulled away from him, (hhhmmm) and he hit his head on a coffee table corner. It is so bad. He had a headache, dizzy, and sleepy. The sleepy could have been because it was 9:00 pm, so he slept with us so we could wake him every little bit to make sure how he was doing. So far so good. Just looks really bad, and almost split it open, and one killer headache. He did go to school today but kept calling it a pimple and thought he would get teased, i told him it made him look tough, I guess we'll see when he gets home.
On another note, my in laws talked me into going to this Dr. in Bakersfield who does acupuncture in the ear to stop cravings of sweets and soda's ( what will I ever do without my Diet Pepsi???) They lost like 10 lbs each this week and he is very against going with the number on the scale and more by what size we should be in. Jim, Kenny, and maybe Terry and Casey are going next Monday night to start. We think they take Jim and mine insurance, but even if they don't it's only $35 a week and that includes the pills and everything. This place also does 30 minute massages for $15 hook me up on that. I'll let you know how it works out.

Jim and I have been able to get the horses out a little more often lately, it sure is a HUGE stress reliever and keeps us talking and brings us closer. I would LOVE to get the horse he really wants.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Who knew the KIDS ran our lives??

So for the last 13 years I thought I was in controll of the family. Boy was I WRONG!!! All four kids are playing ball, the girls on one side of the lake, boys on the other, each has between two to three games a week plus sometimes practices. HHMMMM... now, I am no math wizard but it doesn't work!! Wednesdays we have at least 3 games going ALL at the same time in completely different places, and my darn cloaning machine is in the shop (if it's anything like my van it will be there for 2 months shheesh!) Thank goodness for good friends with kids on the same team, and family because I am now waitressing 4 or 5 nights a week, just to add some pizzazz to my life. So I have this nifty cell phone with the planner in it and I put in all the kids games and little good that does Jim when he's the one running them around, so I finally used a real life olden day PAPER calander to schedual games so he knew where he was going. So far it's working, I don't know how but it is, and Jim is still finding time to do hitting practice with them all. Alex has finally found his game, he is doing GREAT!! He plays first and sometimes second but hasn't sat out yet. He hits great and has gotten a few triples, no home runs yet. Jimi is a natural athlete so it is easy for her, she plays center field and hits and also gets a lot of triples, she is aggressive and steals bases like crazy and her attitude definately comes through. Sami is like Alex, she found her game!! Although the reason she didn't like cheerleading is because she didn't like to sweat, and it has been SUPER cold here so she hasnt had a hot game yet. She is taking after her mommy and playing catcher and sometimes third like her daddy. I would have never thought she would catch she is just so sweet. The first half of her season is coach pitch and she may want to try pitching later in the season. But she hits anything that comes her way and catches everything withing reason. She is working on throwing to second, wich is a HUGE deal for her age and league, but she is close and her coach is very impressed. Trever is again like Jimi, just a natural athlete, I swear the kid could be spinning circles with a bat in his hand and accidently hit one out of the park. His age hit off a pitching maching and he is doing great. They move all the players all the time so they can decide what they like. With all this running around we are thinking twice about football and cheerleading, but don't tell the kids.

Jim survived his tonsilectomy and is now back to work. It was very painful for him and they even sent his nasty tonsils to pathology for testing. GROSS!! He was in a TON of pain and said it was less of a sore throat and more like someone kicked him in the throat. I felt bad for him, it stinks when there is just NOTHING that you can do to make someone you love feel better. It was a hard day the day of his surgery, for both of us. Having the Dr. and anastesiologist come and give you the spill of "We've done this thousands of times, everything will be fine.. blah blah blah.." for us it just brought back way too many memories of the last time with Jimi, and then hours later the chaplin being the one to talk to us. Needless to say we are all glad things went smoothly, and even happier that it's all over. NO more strep for Jim. (we hope)

Sorry no pictures this time, but the kids just got their school pictures back, but for some reason they didn't give us Alex's so I called the place and they are sending them, so when I get them I will get them up. They also just got