Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rafting on the Kern River

So there is a sign at the mouth of they canyon that says 242 died in this river since 1968. (which has been updated recently I think) WHO in their right mind would go play in this thing? I said in their right mind... so yes I did, with Trever and Alex, and Tylee and Hannah! For summer school they get a free raft trip, and the over protective mom I am I had to go because I was terrified for them. If it was just me and Jim with NO kids it would be lots of fun, but I have anxiety issue's over water and my kids.

We had a lot of fun, we all went last year too so I did know what to expect. Our guide did fall out of the raft and I panicked a little because I DON'T RAFT BY MYSELF, and because I had to get him back in! Other than that we did good, both Alex and Trever hopped out and played in the water where they were allowed to! Marci, I'm ready for the big rapids... with NO kids!

My Birthday events!

For my birthday a bunch of friends and I went to lunch. Jim had a plant and like a million balloons delivered. By the time I got the picture taken I had given a bunch away but there were like almost 30. And a yummy chocolate cake! There were candles on the cake and I thought that Jim had bought them a day or so ago because they looked all melted and you couldn't really tell that they were 3's. I felt bad when I found out that he had also bought a lighter and burned himself countless times to melt them all crazy so that NOBODY would know how old I really was. He is so thoughtful and sweet! It's always fun to hang out with the girls, I think it should be a monthly thing too!

That evening we decided to go to a movie, not just any movie but we went to see "My Sisters Keeper" Holy cow I cried and cried. It is crazy sad! I had my camera in my purse so the kids took pictures on the way down there. Then we went in to Pizza Hut for some quick pasta, but it was so so dirty in there it made me sick, so we went to Nicolette's and it was incredible food and very inexpensive. Did I mention clean?
I had a great birthday! Thanks to all who remembered, and called or sent me a text!

Oh yeah one last "memory". I had to run up to pick Alex up from summer school and on my way home I got pulled over for speeding... The same officer that gave me my ticket last year, he gave me a warning and a lecture about getting a call to scrape my up off the highway. He did wish me a happy birthday though! I guess he's not all that bad...

Monday, June 29, 2009

It's all about ME, ME, ME...

Happy Birthday to ME!!! I am definitely NOT one of those people who hide the fact that it's my birthday, I don't like growing older, or the spot light. (well, maybe a little) So this is ME!

I am a mother, the hardest and most rewarding job I could ever imagine. I wouldn't have ever thought this is what I would be doing with my life, but I would NEVER change it, not even with all the bad, the good is just WAY TOO GOOD!
I sometimes get obsessed on things. When I set my mind and decide to do something I get obsessed and that's all I do. Not a lot of moderation in me. I go all out! Not a great quality in me. But a few times a year my house is PERFECT!

I love sports, softball, cheer leading, football (to watch, not play). I love riding my dirt bike, and my horse. I'll try anything twice. I like to golf, shop, watch my kids play sports and help coach them. I love to swim, and would love to one day live on the beach, but retire in Cedar City Utah on a ranch with horses, chickens, a cow named Dinner and a pig named Breakfast, and chickens... with no names cause that would be silly!

One day I WILL own a '68ish Corvette stingray... or ANY corvette! I LOVE them, always have, always will. And NO I won't paint it Barbie pink, although pink is my favorite color. It will be RED, or Yellow.

I love funny people, I love to laugh! But I can be a, um.... B word! I like to get my point across and I like to confront things head on.

I drive too fast!

I don't get embarrassed very easily, and love to embarrass others! I would say I'm shy and I know that sounds crazy, but until I know someone I am nervous to talk to them.

My biggest fear is singing in public, although I don't really mind speaking, and I LOVE to sing, I just can't do it well in public. I guess that shows my insecurity.

I'm most calm when I'm running early in the morning when it's quiet and the sun is coming up, and when I'm on my horse. (when she's having a good day)

I get depressed, often. But i get crazy often too. I guess it's the bipolar. (if this is a shock to you, it's a wonder what medication can do for a person) Being bipolar is a curse and a blessing, it depends on the day. It's definitely NOT fair, but it has made me into who I am, and I personally think I would be super boring without living with it my whole life! It drives me insane when people use it in a derogatory manor, mostly because I can't stand ignorant, uneducated people who run their mouths!

I love and want to serve the Lord, and I know even when I SUCK He still loves me.

My favorite TV show is still the Young and the Restless, has been for 17 years, but I also LOVE survivor, amazing race, and 48 hours mystery, cold case all those REAL detective shows.

I don't LOVE my current place of residency, but I think a change in my attitude would help that out so much. I just miss green! The power of a positive attitude, too bad mine is bad a lot of the time.

I don't really have a favorite food, I LOVE most food. Steak, crab, Cajun food (Kenny's jambalaya) Mexican food, Italian, Chinese... the list is really endless. I LOVE diet coke ice cold out of the can, but diet Pepsi over ice. I am a Red Bull addict! My current candy is Big Hunks, Carmelo, red vines. But I like to eat healthy so before bed I eat dried bananas... covered in chocolate. I LOVE to run, while I'm doing it. I used to be fat, and struggle with myself to not think I am now. I have a GREAT metabolism cause I eat like CRAZY, I should be like 600 lbs.

When I was little I wanted to be a Cardiac surgeon, then an ER doctor, then a Labor and Delivery nurse, or even an ER nurse. One day I still think I may be a nurse, I would love the excitement and that two days would NEVER be the same.
I LOVE thrill rides, I love being scared. (Fun ways, not serious ways) I LOVE scary movies, my perfect date is a slasher flick, followed by a big steak, and home to bed.

Look how cute my sister and I were

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baby Presley, the odds, AND A WARNING OF GROSS PICTURES..

I love new babies, that aren't mine. I haven't met the newest Hurley yet but I have seen pictures and she is so so so cute. Tim and Lindsey had their third baby, a girl, Presley Jean on June 17th. (Sami was so upset that she couldn't hold out one more day) So this makes #21. And I love them ALL!!!!

So with 21 nieces and nephews plus 4 of my own I wonder what the odds are of all of these kids to grow up unharmed and as good kids. It only exacerbates my anxiety when I hear a saw, a horrible gut wrenching yell and watch Kenny take my oldest nephew to the hospital. After hearing, UCLA, and cleaning blood and seeing pictures I am now ( 3 days later) a little panicked and in shock. Bo cut his thumb, almost off. The only thing holding it on was a tendon. Our STUPID hospital did NOTHING! Except lie and say they had a hand specialist waiting in Bako for him, which we know from staff, whom are also friends, that was a lie. After a trip in the ambulance down the canyon, waiting in the hallway of Memorial, then being sent HOME... Bo saw the specialist the next morning. He was appalled that they didn't send him to UCLA for surgery as he had ordered. And his outlook for the thumb surviving isn't good... but I think one thing we know for sure is that Dr.'s are wrong A LOT! So for now our prayers are with Bo, he will be going on his mission in a short 4 or 5 months and I know he will heal quickly.
This is BEFORE they sewed it back on. Bo said the worst thing was the mental part of picking it up and setting it there and it falling back off and knowing that just wasn't right.

This is after they sewed it back on, at the specialists the next morning. One good thing is that the color looks so much better in the end, so hopefully that means it is getting blood supply.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

He had a full head of hair

We really had fun with Jim's hair, he decided to grow it out just one last time, mostly because not a lot of 35 year old men have a head full of hair like he does. He has A LOT of hair! (just not on his face)

Remember Don Johnson from Miami Vice?

He always said he looked like a Munchichi, but I was thinking Don King?

A little Ace Ventura, he has the whole swish thing in the front going.

The very very very best one though, is the Zach Efron...

He has that whole sexy look down, Zac ain't got nothin on Jim!
He has now cut his hair, it was driving him crazy but it will truly be missed. I loved his ringlet curls that stuck out the bottom of his hat, I loved his "bat wings" and I loved all the fun I had french braiding it and playing with it. I will really miss how he would do the hair flip and swish it out of his face.

my thoughts for the day...



Thursday, June 18, 2009

Make lemonade

I always heard the saying "when life gives you lemons... make lemonade" I think I'm going to take this advice. My wonderful HONDA van is broken down AGAIN! I've decided it's just a lemon, so if I smash it I would have... lemonade! Anyone want to help?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Is that a hitch in your giddy-up?

Bo's girlfriend Michelle was dying to go horseback riding so we took her, she rode Abbi whom isn't the smoothest ride I think she was a little sore when we were done. Bo LOVED riding Jasorri, one of Keith's horses. Bo and Jim even found time to relax in the buggy, ok they weren't relaxing they were playing. They had so much fun they wanted to go again and this time we took Kenny and Terrie with us too. Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera for that, but we had a great time and went on a really really long ride, I wonder if they can walk today?

Baptism of Marcas Sanchez

Ok this kid Marcus is so funny. He is a friend of the family, Jim baptized both of his sisters and he asked Jim to baptize him too. He is very witty and so smart. He was so excited to be baptized that's all he talked about for weeks. He is pretty short and while they were filling the font he kept looking in and shaking his head, he was so worried it was going to be too deep for him. Then he kept reminding Jim to not let his feet float up, Jim kept telling him he would make sure they stayed down, but he reminded him right before he was dunked. I am thankful I have a worthy husband who can do this at anytime, I love seeing them in white.