Friday, October 30, 2009


Today the kids dressed up for school for Halloween. Well, all but Sami because she is away at camp Keep. I miss her so bad! I can't believe she didn't come home, I thought for sure she would get home sick. I'm just glad it's almost over and she's coming home today!
Alex and Trever dressed up as rockers, they looked cool.

Jimi had the cutest pirate outfit ready but forgot it at the church on Wednesday night and couldn't find keys to get back in there to get it. So she dressed up as an 80's girl. She looked cute, and a LOT like me back in the 80's, but I didn't tell her that!

yes their hair is orange, and yes Alex's hair is standing straight up! It's called hair glue!

Monday, October 26, 2009

I found the funky smell

I guess if I blog this it is in writing that I am horrible at laundry but it is too... hmmm what is a good word.... unbelievable to pass up. And the smell was....

SQUIRREL FEET! Yes squirrel feet, in Trever's pocket, dead, rotting squirrel feet! A few years ago he had a quail head in his pocket and even after taking it away several times I had the same funky smell at the bottom of the laundry pile.

If he wasn't so dang cute I would give him away! The joy of having boys!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Quick post, while I'm in bed for the 5th day in a row. We are all sick, really sick. Alex had a game on Saturday where they played Cal City a team that is undefeated, Alex did great and got his very first touch down EVER. He even earned it. I think it was like 25 yards or something, oh and 7 tackles. You would think he was feeling good huh? NOPE! We took his temp when we got home and he had 104.5, I wonder what would have happened if he felt good. Then it all fell apart. We have all had fever (not really Jimi, she seems to be fine). The rest of us aren't. Poor Trever is the worst right now but I think we are all on the mend, I am even going to attempt to go to Jimi's soccer tournament tomorrow, and go watch Sami be Betsy Ross for geography day in school. Hope I make it!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Hunting trip

I haven't been good at posting lately, mostly because I have had NO time, but I will try to get back on track. Starting with the Hunting trip.

It turned out to be more of a camping/horseback riding trip. I guess they didn't see many signs of deer and some loud camp neighbors who were on more of a four wheeler trip. They spent most of the time on horse back.

Jim said it was some of the toughest terrain he had ridden on and was impressed with Bo and Trever who did a great job being new riders. The worst part and probably a great thing I didn't talk to Jim on the phone...

One night they went through the worst terrain, tree's and downed trees and mush and mountain. One horse fell several times and we think at one time had a heart attack and thought they would have to do CPR, luckily they didn't. They did use their last bit of water pouring it into the horses mouth. It was getting dark fast and they KNEW there was NO way back to camp any time that night, so they camped out. UNPREPARED (kind of). I have always said if I was EVER stranded that I wanted Bo along with me and he proved himself. Jim jokes that he and Kenny were in the corner sucking their thumbs while Bo took charge and started giving orders to make a lean too, and start a fire and get dry wood and on and on. He even put his arm around Trever and reassured him that it would be ok. This is some of the thickest bear country around and just a few yards away there were bear tracks ON TOP of the horse tracks from their way in, so Bo stayed awake all night with his gun in hand to protect the boys. LUCKILY, I put a space blanket in Trever's pack "just in case". Needless to say they all loved me that night. I had even packed an emergency dinner, but they had NO water to cook it. I don't know if that was the night Bo cooked them squirl that he had made traps for, I was grossed out and didn't listen to the end. They made it back to camp and slept the rest of the day and watched movies at night and stayed warm. The horses were glad to come home and I think the boys were too.

Jim had a great time and I'm glad he went. It's the longest we have ever gone without talking and I hated that part.

Jim said this wasn't even a steep hill compared to most they went down.

the horses were really thirsty

the dreaded night, did I mention it was the night it got REALLY cold down here

think they heard a bear?