Monday, August 17, 2009

being negative

Sunday wasn't the best day of my life but I don't want to dwell and complain so here it is and I will TRY to never think of it again! We all wake up late for church, Bo asks me to teach his primary class, and because I was asleep I accept the challenge. We try deciding which vehicle to take to church lets see...

The van... oxygen sensors are out and won't go over 40mph and just doesn't go uphill. I'm not sure if we are doing more damage by driving it so I stopped last week.

The suburban... the thermostat went out and acts like it is overheating, I'm not all that sure if a broken thermostat is that big of a deal.

The truck a.k.a. "The Beast" ... well it's UGLY, and the tags are expired because it is insane the price they want me to pay for a truck we NEVER drive.


We decide on the suburban. We get about 5 miles down the road when the thermostat pegs hot. Jim freaks out (like I didn't tell him it was going to do that) pulls over, pops the hood, and sure enough, it's steaming! So we gimp it back home and take "The Beast" to church.

Church was fine, I didn't even end up having to teach. We head home and Jim mentions something about needing gas. I assume that if we needed it that bad he would have gotten it. NOPE! We run out. Luckily Casey was already home and saved the day by sending us some gas to get home!

I ordered O2 sensors online last week. Jim is buying a thermostat for the burb today. Maybe by this weekend we will have at least one legal reliable vehicle. (Since we have to go to Mammoth anyways) The whole time the kids are reminding us that we HAVE to take them school shopping in Bakersfield... BRATS! I just ask if I can have a piggy back ride down the canyon since I don't want to walk that far!

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Cori said...

Ouch...bad day, maybe you should have stayed in bed. And pulled the covers way over your head.