Thursday, April 30, 2009

Proposition 1D & 1E

I'm not a really political person, but I hate how our government words these propositions to benefit themselves. Mental illness carries a huge stigma, unfortunately statistics don't help the matter. The only way to fix this is early diagnosis of mental illness and proper care. If we had this the statistics of mental illness and the homeless and crime would dramatically fall. Educate yourselves and please VOTE. Don't let the government make all of our decisions. Here's the easy wording from

Vote No on Props. 1D & 1E!
Why vote NO on Propositions 1D & 1E - two deceptive and harmful propositions on the May 19 ballot?
Prop. 1D cuts $268 million per year from children’s services like child abuse prevention, immunization and early childhood development, all created by Proposition 10 (November 1998).
Prop. 1E cuts mental health care programs demanded by the voters through Proposition 63 (November 2004) by almost a half billion dollars.
Both Props. 1D & 1E take money out of specific programs required by the voters and put it in the state general fund, where the Legislature and the Governor can spend it with no accountability.
That’s bad, but what’s worse is that both measures are like wolves in sheep’s clothing. The Legislature wrote Props. 1D & 1E to make them sound like they protect and expand services, even though they really cut programs.

Even in this difficult time, neither Prop. 1D nor 1E is necessary to balance the state budget. Together they would provide just one-half of one percent of state spending. But both Props. 1D & 1E would slash services for some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.
Now is no time to try to balance the budget in ways that harm children and the mentally ill. That’s why people and groups from many different backgrounds have banded together to form one campaign united to defeat Props. 1D & 1E.
Please get the facts about Props. 1D & 1E, and help us get the word out so we can defeat these measures. And vote NO on Props. 1D & 1E!


Karrie said...

I was going to vote no one everything, and I haven't even read any of them yet. Well, except for just now... I generally think nothing new will do any good...

Cori said...

I started reading the little voter info pamphlet that comes in the mail, but I stopped because none of the things we are voting on even sound reasonable and I thought this was one time being informed may be a waste of time. I'm glad to see my first reaction was right! I think everything is getting a no from me.