Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Maybe not great for a public blog and by no means am I actually condoning it, but I'm not mad and wanted to journal it.

Thursday night Alex went to a soccer game and was texting me from there and telling me that his ex friend kept running his mouth about his sister and me. Being a gross boy. He was getting really mad but I told him to leave it alone. Friday at school he couldn't leave it alone anymore. Apparently, from Alex and 4 witnesses that told the school officer, the boy kept running his mouth and got even more vulgar. Alex picked him up, threw him on the desk and then threw him onto the floor before being pulled away from him. The other boy didn't fight back but still got the same 3 day suspension for the filth he was saying.

Alex isn't in trouble at home. But.. he is learning that it's not vacation being suspended. If he isn't in school he is working. Not punishment, just working. Glad he stood up for his sister but he need to thicken his skin a little, she will be in the high school next year and she's very pretty and he will probably hear a lot more. As for me, I told Alex that I've been called worse by better people and it doesn't phase me. Hard situation but the school did what they had to even though the officer didn't really want to suspend him but rules are rules.

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