Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years 2011

We don't go out, ever. So the kids decided last second to have a few friends over and watch a movie and hang out. It was fun... for them. We keep saying to ourselves that at least they are here and not out doing what their friends want them to do. They acted like dorks, it was fun. And I took some cool, fun pictures. WITH MY NEW CAMERA!

No resolutions, ok that's a lie.
1. No wrecking any cars
2. No buying any Big trucks
3. No moving

I think I'll stick with these ones, since I did them all last year.
(in no way is this any confession to pushing anyone down the stairs)

One downfall of a new camera is a TON of pictues... is that a downfall?
Dalton being himself

fun with the camera quick shutter speed

Alex, Jimi, Dalton, Matt and Brandon

Fun with the multiple picture option

Yes Trever was there too

And Sami

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Cori said...

Don't you love your camera? Great resolutions, hope you stick with them! :) I also hope at some point you all will get dug out up there and we can visit!