Saturday, January 1, 2011

The BIG storm

This is totally blog worthy! The day I wrecked my car the rain started. It didn't quit until after Christmas. We had 10 inches in the first storm and close to that in the second. This caused major flooding, where Erskine creek overflowed and closed our road from our house to town. It also caused a major rock slide in the canyon that still has the canyon closed. They had to blow up the rocks to haul them out. It flooded Havila and Caliente so Lions trail was in and out. Walkers pass was in and out because it kept getting closed because of snow. Same with Greenhorn, lots of snow up there on the mountains. Not to mention the bridge on the backside of the lake washed away, and a HUGE part of the road back there gone. With all the outlets of our valley being closed it would be my luck that I needed to be in Bakersfield many times over those two weeks. Good thing we had the truck with 4-wheel drive because I swear we used it more than we ever did in Colorado.

Weldon by the school, Kelso flooded

Top of Walker pass in morning

Walker pass

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